Is Verizon Class Action Settlement Legit?

Verizon Class Action Settlement legit

As many people have received emails regarding the Verizon Class Action Settlement, there have been numerous discussions over its validity. The public views these communications with great suspicion.

The general public is suspicious of emails because phishing scams using well-known class action settlement names are common these days and spread throughout states.

Consequently, we will briefly discuss the Verizon Class Action Settlement emails in this piece and inform you whether they are genuine.

What is Verizon Class Action Settlement?

The official Verizon Class Action Settlement website states that a settlement has been reached between the company and its customers in a $100 million class action lawsuit alleging that Verizon misled wireless customers in the United States.

The customers claimed that Verizon charged a monthly administration fee that “was unfair and not adequately disclosed,” a claim that the company has consistently denied.

Verizon class action settlement

From January 1, 2016, until November 8, 2023, anybody who paid an administrative charge or an administration and telecom recovery charge for postpaid wireless or data services from Verizon is qualified to receive compensation under the Verizon Class Action Settlement.

People who are eligible for the benefits will receive an email regarding the class action settlement, which is therefore entirely legitimate. You don’t need to be concerned about such emails because of this.

You might also receive a bogus email claiming to be connected to the Verizon Class Action Settlement, as scammers have a history of fabricating communications in the name of well-known class action settlements.

For this reason, you should know how to spot bogus emails purporting to be from the Verizon Class Action Settlement and what to do if you come across them.

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How To Identify Scam Emails?

Emails with typo-squatted domains, amateurish tones, and grammatical problems are some of the warning flags that are frequently present in scam emails. You can recognize the scam emails by looking for these warning signs.

Additionally, you can report these emails to the Federal Trade Commission and the actual Verizon corporation if you believe they are scams. Verizon has made its email address ([email protected]) available for reporting any phishing emails that claim to be from the company in any way.

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