Trillant Ponzi Collapsed: What Next?

trillant collapsed

We have previously alerted readers about how to spot Ponzi scams and how they can cause people to lose a significant amount of money when they collapse.

Based on recent occurrences, it looks like Trillant, another type of Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

As a result, we will provide you with a brief update on current occurrences in Trillant’s business operations and let you know whether or not it has collapsed.

What is Trillant?

Trillant is an online cryptocurrency platform that lets users stake their money to increase returns on investment by providing a variety of tokens of their own.


In addition to the benefits of its main services, it offers an affiliate program that lets users make even more money.

Reports claim that Trillant is a relaunch of Paraiba World, a Ponzi scam that previously collapsed despite multiple warnings about securities fraud from various agencies.

Trillant operator

There is no information about Trillant’s headquarters, however, it is believed that Erich Ely, a German, operates the company and was also involved in Parabia World.

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Trillant Collapsed!

One of Trillant’s recent actions was to disable withdrawals for its customers. An important message was posted by Trillant for its users on December 22, 2023, stating that investors’ ability to withdraw funds had been restricted owing to a “compliance review.”

Trillant’s statement reads as follows:

We are currently undergoing a compliance review due to negative reports in the media.

Our lawyers are working intensively on the matter and are in direct contact with the relevant authorities.

All details are currently being thoroughly examined. As soon as we have the results, we will inform you immediately.

Due to this ongoing legal review, we are temporarily forced to take the following unfortunate steps:

-Deposit of Litecoin or Bitcoin to activate new add-on packages is paused

-Payout of Trillon and Trillon External on will be paused

-Profits on the staking of Trillant and Add-On and the associated commissions are paused

In their statement, they are attempting to convey that the withdrawal has been temporarily suspended owing to a compliance evaluation, which is the outcome of unfavorable media stories regarding Trillant’s business practices.

Without a doubt, this is really a cover for Trillant’s collapse, and the operators are attempting to use the false “compliance review” justification to exit the company. Indeed, it appears that Trillant has utterly collapsed. 

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