Macy’s Outlet Store Scam: Checkout Fake Websites

Macy Scam websites

Many fraudulent domains that use the name of a reputable and well-established e-commerce company, Macy’s, have been widely disseminated in the market. These dishonest websites have scammed several people thus far.

To prevent you from falling for these con artists’ traps, we will list all of these domains in this post together with information regarding Macy’s official website.

What is Macy’s?

Founded in 1994, Macy’s is an American department store chain that ranks among the biggest in the country in terms of retail sales.

Additionally, it offers its goods online at, its official online store.

Macy official website

According to WHOIS, the official website’s domain was registered in February 1994. Additionally, its main office is located in New York City, USA.

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Macy’s Fake Online Stores

Scammers have begun disseminating fraudulent websites lately that mimic the name and emblem of the legitimate Macy’s store. Scammers have obtained a great deal of financial information about users and even stolen money from them by using these phony websites.

Scammers have dispersed several scam domains under the guise of Macy’s stores, some of which are:

Please take note that none of these domains are used by the original Macy’s shop to sell goods. You can utilize the official website for Macy’s,, and the website listed within this official website to make purchases from the Macy’s shop.

You can use the Web Safety Checker Tool to identify scam website in future.

But if you want to become generally aware of how to identify these fake domains that pose as legitimate by using the names of well-known firms, you can look at a few red flags that nearly all fraudulent domains have.

The constant lack of information about anything on a scam domain, including company details, headquarters, and much more, is one of the biggest red flags. Furthermore, the websites of scam domains frequently have grammatical mistakes.

Unreasonably low prices and a recently registered domain are two further warning signs. If a dubious website exhibits any of these warning signs, you should immediately avoid making purchases there.

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