Gift Card Draining Scams! How to Avoid?

Gift Card Draining Scam

Recently, there have been numerous reports of gift card draining in the US. These days, scammers have started focusing on their victims because gift cards are particularly popular during the festival season.

Consequently, we will examine Gift Card Draining scenarios in this post and provide advice on how to protect your Gift Card.

What is Gift Card Draining?

Gift cards, sometimes referred to as stored value cards, are accepted as payment at a variety of establishments, including restaurants, retail stores, and petrol stations.

The act of altering gift cards’ bar codes to steal the money that is loaded onto them is known as “card draining” fraud. In a card-draining scam, even when the gift cards are paid for, the buyers are left with nothing on their cards.

Unlike other internet scams, card-draining scammers cannot operate from faraway locations; instead, they must be physically present to complete the scam. This is one of the scams’ unique characteristics.

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Gift Card Draining Scams

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office reported that a man from California was just taken into custody on suspicion of tampering with gift cards at a Target shop in Sacramento last week. According to the police, he was caught in possession of over 5,000 gift cards.

Gift Card Draining

Following this arrest, law enforcement agencies across the country have released a warning, advising anyone who has purchased or intends to purchase gift cards from retailers to proceed with caution and keep an eye out for any indications of tampering, such as scratches or scuffs near the bar code on the back of the card.

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How to Avoid Such Scams?

There are other steps you can take to guard against the gift Card Draining scam for both you and the recipient of your gift, like making sure your card is sealed and that the PIN-covering tape and protective cover are still in place.

Additionally, look for signs of tampering on cards, such as markings on the back or close to the bar code. Make sure the PIN on the back is hidden as well.

Moreover, stay away from purchasing gift cards from internet auction sites as they can be counterfeit or stolen. If the gift card you bought is subsequently compromised, save your store receipt. It is also possible to snap a photo of the store receipt and gift card.

If you misplace the gift card or need to report fraud, the number on the card and the store receipt will assist you in reporting the incident to the gift card company.

Finally, you need to know your rights. If a scammer uses a gift card you bought, report it to the gift card provider and ask for a refund and a freeze on the card.

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