Is MyTrueIdentity Legit? Honest Review

Mytrueidenity legit

Since identity theft is on the rise and can have very detrimental effects on the victim in response, a plethora of businesses have arisen to offer their services to private clients.

One such business that assists people in preventing identity theft and helping those who have already fallen victim to identity theft is Mytrueidentity. However, because of a misunderstanding, some have recently begun to question its validity.

We will examine Mytrueidentity in this article and inform you of the authenticity of its offerings.

What is MyTrueIdentity?

MyTrueIdentity is a credit monitoring service that gives users access to their credit data and provides tools designed to assist in protecting their identity if a data breach compromises potentially sensitive information.


Customers of Mytrueidentity are able to view credit reports, check their credit, and use an identity protection tool, among other really interesting services. TransUnion, one of the largest credit reporting companies in the US, provides Mytrueidentity.

TransUnion uses the brand name “Mytrueidentity” to identify its identity protection and credit monitoring services. TransUnion was founded in 1981 and is based in Chicago, Illinois in the United States.

Mytrueidentity ceo

Chris Cartwright, who has led TransUnion since 2019, is the organization’s current CEO.

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Is MyTrueIdentity Legit?

Our investigation indicates that Mytrueidentity is a fully legitimate service with many positive indicators.

Furthermore, it is transparent, and its parent business TransUnion has been in the market since 1981. It makes no sense to cast doubt on a company’s validity notwithstanding the length of time it has been in operation.

Mytrueidentity offers free services, however, certain unfounded rumors led to concerns regarding its legitimacy. As a result, you can utilize Mytrueidentity’s services without hesitation.

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Who is the operator of Mytrueidentity?

Famous credit reporting agency TransUnion operates Mytrueidentity.

From where Mytrueidentity is operating?

The parent company of Mytrueidentity is TransUnion and the headquarters of TransUnion is in Chicago, United States.

Is Mytrueidentity legit?

Yes, Mytrueidentity services are completely legitimate.

Should I use the services of Mytrueidentity?

Yes, you can use the services of Mytrueidentity without any risk.

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