Quantum Club AI Review: Legit or Another Scam?

Quantum Club AI Scam

Recently, Quantum Club AI, a new multilevel marketing brand, was introduced to the market. People who have a negative background in this industry are backing it.

As a result, the general public’s doubts regarding Quantum Club AI have begun. As a result, we will assess the Quantum Club AI’s prelaunch and inform you of its reliability.

What is Quantum Club AI?

On December 12, 2023, Quantum Club AI created a new domain, Quantumclub.ai, from which it operates. With a planned launch date of January 2024, the Quantum Club AI is presently under prelaunch.

Quantum Club AI

According to reports, David Wood is one of the three co-founders of the company, despite its website having no information about its owners or operators.

Quantum Club AI Operator

Accurate information regarding Quantum Club AI’s offerings is not readily available. However, according to David Wood, technology has advanced, particularly AI, and the new product they are releasing has nothing to do with “affiliate opportunity” and will have more to do with investment.

He went on to say that their new offering would use technology to enable members to make money both up and down in the market. He said that by using this technology to invest, its members can take out money from any market possible.

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Known asQuantum Club AI
Services offered Investment platform
Domain registration date 12 December 2023
Address Not known
Contact Not known

Is Quantum Club AI Legit?

After investigating business model and company profile of the Quantum Club AI, we found several red flags in it. let’s take a closer look:

  • Suspicious past of founders
  • Lack of crucial information
  • Suspected Ponzi scheme
  • Lack of Headquarters address
  • Allegedly engaging in securities fraud

One of the co-founders of Quantum Club AI, David Wood, has a terrible history in the multilevel marketing industry. He was a part of the fraudulent Empower Network MLM scheme, which has already collapsed.

Additionally, one of the major red flags about the company is the lack of information about operators, products or services, headquarters address, and much more on the website Quantumclub.ai.

Furthermore, since Quantum Club AI has not disclosed its headquarters address, there is a possibility that they are perpetrating securities fraud.

Pyramid Scheme

Given Quantum Club AI’s current state and business model, it looks like a potential pyramid scheme in the making. Additionally, there is a strong history of pyramid schemes collapsing and its participants losing a significant amount of money.

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Who is the operator of Quantum Club AI?

According to reports, one of the operators of Quantum Club AI is David Wood.

From where Quantum Club AI is operating?

There is no information available about the location of operation of Quantum Club AI.

Is Quantum Club AI legit?

No, Quantum Club AI doesn’t appear to be legit.

Should I use the products or services of Quantum Club AI?

Yes, you can use the products or services of Quantum Club AI but at your own risk.

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