Revolt Review: Legit or Another Scam?

Revolt Ponzi scheme

Recently, Revolt, a retailer of merchandise, has come under suspicion as a Ponzi scheme. The general public has been speculating about these things due to several internal company concerns.

We will dispel those rumors regarding Revolt and provide you with information about its validity in this post.

What is Revolt?

Revolt is a fashion business that sells its fashionable merchandise. Social media influencers and producers have played a significant role in promoting the firm’s products, and this has resulted in strong sales of Revolt apparel earlier.

Revolt Founder

Revolt’s creator, Ryan Pente, has received a lot of bad press because of his activities. Additionally, he has been the target of several very serious charges related to illicit activity. 

Revolt’s business practices with associated YouTubers and other social media influencers have garnered unwanted publicity, leading some to label the company as such these days.

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Is Revolt Legit?

Revolt’s founder, Ryan Pente, has come under fire for allegedly harassing staff members and using business funds for personal needs, which has severely harmed the organization.

As a result, Ryan Pente’s business strategy appears to be developing into a Ponzi scheme that defrauds social media influencers and producers. The referrals and promotions that creators and influencers provide to their audience currently support the entire business.

Furthermore, numerous complaints about products—including the fact that they never received the ordered items—have been made by customers who ordered from Revolt. Additionally, the influencers or producers engaged have expressed dissatisfaction about never getting paid by Revolt or Ryan Pente.

Revolt influencers unsatisfied

Typically, Ponzi schemes target a broader audience rather than any well-known individuals; but, in this case, the fraud also affects well-known influencers and merchandise company clients. Since it wasn’t previously marketed as such, very few individuals may refer to it as an unintentional Ponzi scam.

Overall though, the Revolt has affected well-known YouTubers and other social media influencers. The fact that Ryan Pente has been the target of multiple severe accusations suggests that the founder may eventually be sued.

Follow our website regularly, read our tips about Ponzi schemes and other scams, and be mindful of the protection and safety of your money if you want to educate yourself and avoid falling victim to any kind of scam.

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