Rupee4Click Review: Real or Fake App?

rupee4click review

In the online world, earning money through work-from-home activities is a desire for many people. However, not all such websites or platforms are genuine.

One such platform is Rupee4Click, which claims to offer users the opportunity to earn money by performing various tasks and promises the user to earn a high income through simple work.

Here we will discuss about the Rupee4Click platform, and it’s earning opportunity and will answer the questions like whether ‘Rupee4Click is real or fake‘ and whether ‘Is Rupee4Click legit‘?

When Started2020
Head Office
Opportunity Type Online Earning
Joining CostFree

What is Rupee4Click?

Rupee4Click is a website that claims to allow users to earn money by performing simple tasks such as captcha solving, data entry, and social media posting.

The domain was registered on November 2020, but the registrant’s details have been hidden for privacy.


Also, as per SimilarWeb data, the domain has around 280k+ traffic, from which almost 60% comes from India only. It seems that the platform is targeting only India by naming it after the rupee.


Priya Mishra is shown as the Marketing Manager, but no such actually person exists. Also, they mentioned their company as a legal entity “Rupee4Click Limited Liability Company”, about this we will discuss ahead.

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How to Earn from Rupee4Click?

Rupee4Click claims to offer several ways for users to earn money, including through completing tasks such as:

  • Captcha Solving
  • Clicking on ads
  • Watching videos
  • Liking posts
  • Completing offers
  • Referring to new friends

The main way to earn money on the platform is by inviting others to join. According to the website, users can earn ₹10 for every click on their referral link and ₹100 for every person who signs up through the link.

According to the website, a user can earn up to ₹250 for completing tasks.

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Rupee4Click Payout

Rupee4Click claims to pay users for completing tasks, sharing referral links, and inviting others to join the platform.

The minimum threshold for withdrawal is set at ₹5,000, meaning users will need to complete a significant amount of tasks or invite a large number of people to sign up before they are eligible for withdrawal.


To meet the minimum threshold, users will need to get at least 45 referrals, which is ₹100 for each referral or they can complete at least 18 tasks to withdraw their amount.

The website claims to pay users weekly, but the Terms & Conditions state that payments are made monthly. This contradiction raises questions about the legality of the website’s operations.

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Rupee4Click Review

So, that’s it for the information, let’s start reviewing the Rupee4Click platform and check whether it is fake or real and whether is it worth joining or not.

Lack of Transparency

Although Rupee4Click claims its users earn by using the internet and social media, the platform itself lacks social media presence, with the social media icons provided on the site being dummy links that lead nowhere.

There is no information about the founder of Rupee4click on the official website. Also, there is nothing about the management team or any other personal details.

This lack of transparency is a common characteristic of fraudulent websites and the operator likely conceals their identity to avoid being caught.

False Information

As per our investigation, Rupee4Click has shared various details which are fake.

First of all Rupee4Click’s site footer have various information and everything is fake there.

There is no company registered with Rupee4Click Limited Liability Company or Rupee4Click Private Limited name under any jurisdiction.


They also claim to have offices in India and the USA, but the provided details are fake. Their address is also wrong in Google Maps and also they are using a photoshopped image of an office building.

User Payout Complaints

Rupee4click has hard withdrawal conditions, making it difficult for users to receive their earnings. With a minimum threshold of ₹5,000. As a result of these challenging conditions, many users have left the platform without receiving their earnings.

Many users have also reported not receiving payout despite fulfilling all conditions. It makes it difficult to trust Rupee4click.

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Rupee4Click Real or Fake?

As per our research and the above-given information, it seems that Rupee4Click is fake.

While some users claim to have received payment, others report not receiving payment despite meeting the conditions. Additionally, the lack of transparency regarding the owner and operator of the website raises questions about its legitimacy.

Before investing time and effort into using Rupee4click, checking the above-given information carefully is advised.

Should I join Rupee4Click?

The straight answer is no, Rupee4click is not worth your time or investment. The information provided above is sufficient to demonstrate that it appears to be a fake platform.

Before considering joining this platform, it is important to do thorough research and assess if the potential earnings are worth the risk.

It is always advisable to be cautious when dealing with websites that make lofty promises of easy money and operate anonymously.

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