Forsage BUSD Review: Real or Fake Smart Contract?

forsage real or fake

This review focuses on Forsage BUSD, a crypto-MLM that operates on smart-contract.

We will provide a comprehensive overview of the company, including its background, the details on joining, and its MLM compensation plan.

We will go through the Forsage platform and will answer “Is Forsage BUSD legit?”. Also, examine whether it is a trustable platform or a fraud scheme such as a Ponzi or Pyramid.

Forsage is a decentralized platform that claims users to earn cryptocurrency through a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Let’s review and found out that “Forsage BUSD real or fake“.

FounderLado Vladimir Okhotnikov
When Started2020
Head Office Russia
Opportunity TypeCrypto-MLM
ProductsInvestment Plan
Joining Cost$10

What is Forsage BUSD?

Forsage BUSD is a cryptocurrency-based MLM company founded by a Russian named Vladimir Okhotniko in 2020.

forsage founder
Lado Vladimir Okhotniko (Founder of Forsage)

According to SimilarWeb, the company has over 300,000 monthly users, with a majority of users from Pakistan (22%), Russia (20%), and India (5%).

Forsage popularity has decreased in recent times hence after Forsage BUSD they launched a new platform named Meta Force. We reviewed Meta Force and found it a pyramid scheme scam.

Forsage claims itself as the number one decentralized finance (DeFi) tool to generate income.

The company defines itself as,

decentralized networking platform powered by smart contracts and NFT technology that brings people together globally and offers limitless new economic and financial systems.

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Joining Forsage

Forsage offers three distinct joining options. These are

  1. Forsage TRON for TRX
  2. Forsage Ethereum for ETH
  3. Forsage BUSD for BUSD

Here we will primarily focus on Forsage BUSD.

Joining Forsage BUSD as a member requires a fee of 10 BUSD and 0.005 BNB Network Fee.

BUSD is a stablecoin pegged at a 1:1 ratio with the US dollar, so the fee amount of 10 BUSD is equivalent to 10 US dollars.

forsage busd dashboard
Forsage BUSD Dashboard

The BNB fee is used to cover the transaction costs on the Binance Smart Chain network, where Forsage operates.

By joining Forsage, users can invest a certain amount of cryptocurrency such as BUSD, to participate in a Matrix Investment Plan.

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Investment Plan

Forsage BUSD operates by having affiliates invest BUSD into a series of four matrix cycles. The four cycles are Forsage X3, Forsage X4, Forsage XXX, and Forsage xGold (IEO).

1. Forsage X3

Forsage X3 is a 3×1 matrix that requires an investment of 5 to 9900 BUSD to participate. There are twelve tiers in total, with each tier offering a 200% return on investment.

A member has to recruit 3 people at each tier to get the returns mentioned in the below table.

TierInvestment (BUSD)Total Returns (BUSD)

2. Forsage X4

Forsage X4 operates on a 2×2 matrix and is similar to Forsage X3, but with higher returns. They claim that an investment of 5 to 9900 BUSD is required to participate, with the twelve tiers offering 300% returns on investment.

A member has to recruit 6 people at each tier to get the returns mentioned in the below table.

TierInvestment (BUSD)Total Returns (BUSD)

3. Forsage XXX

The Forsage BUSD XXx Plan has 14 positions, with the first level having 2 slots, the second level having 4 slots, and the third level having 8 slots.

A member has to recruit 14 people at each tier to get the returns mentioned in the below table.

TierInvestment (BUSD)Total Returns (BUSD)

4. Forsage xGold

The Forsage xGold plan has a matrix structure with 30 total positions split between 4 levels. The first level has 2 positions, the second has 4, the third has 8, and the fourth has 16.

A member has to recruit 30 people at each tier to get the returns mentioned in the below table.

TierInvestment (BUSD)Total Returns (BUSD)

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Forsage BUSD Review

So, that’s all for the Forsage BUSD platform. However, it appears to be a potentially profitable opportunity with guaranteed returns and MLM commission.

But, there are numerous warning signs associated with Forsage BUSD that must be considered before making an investment.

Not Registered Entity

Forsage is operating an MLM compensation plan and investment scheme. To provide such services, a company needs to be registered and require approval from regulators.

But Forsage has no legal presence. Its locality is hidden and operates just through a website.

If some trouble occurs no one gonna help you to get back your investment as no laws are followed and applied to such deceptive organizations.

Regulators Warning

The first warning against Forsage was released by a Philippines government regulator.

The Securities and Exchange Commission Philippines (SEC) has issued an alert regarding Forsage, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that operates as a Ponzi scheme.

Later, the US SEC charged Forsage with defrauding retail investors of over $300 million worldwide.

Also, the SEC has determined that Forsage is not a legitimate investment opportunity and is designed to benefit only the company’s owners at the expense of regular members.

Forsage BUSD Real or Fake?

Forsage BUSD is not a legitimate investment opportunity. It operates as a Ponzi scheme and is designed to benefit only the company’s owners at the expense of regular affiliates.


The funds are funneled to the higher tiers where the company’s owners will benefit, leaving regular members with little to no gains. It is a warning to users that participating in Forsage BUSD is not a wise decision.

They rely on the constant influx of new investments to pay returns to existing affiliates.

Investing in such schemes puts your money at risk and can result in significant financial losses.

Founder is Scammer

The founder of Forsage, Lado Okhotnikov has received cautionary warnings from multiple governments, due to his involvement in various Ponzi schemes.

Lado Okhotnikov has been widely criticized and is even backed by a published thesis exposing its operation.

Meta Force is a similar scam to Forsage launched by Lado Okhotnikov.

Is Forsage BUSD legit?

Forsage BUSD is not a legitimate investment opportunity and should be avoided at all costs. The lack of regulation and security in Forsage BUSD and similar crypto-MLM scams makes them extremely risky for investors.

It is always wise to invest in well-established and regulated entities to ensure the safety of your funds. It is recommended to stay away from Forsage BUSD and any similar schemes to protect your financial well-being.

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Should I Join Forsage?

There is no question that, many people have made commissions from Forsage by investment and recruitment.

But at the same time, Forsage is a money-circulation pyramid scheme just using cryptocurrency to attract people.

It has no actual products or services and investment is rotated across the pyramid. The most profit is made by top promoters and operators of Forsage whereas regular members are getting chunks of margin.

Moreover, its operation can be closed anytime as US regulators such as SEC are taking legal action against it.

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  1. I am now sure I was scammed by ultima farm ultima wallet PLC but this all because of a friend who assured me that it wasn’t a scam they promised to refund my money back at the end of the year and also a monthly payment I tried to withdraw the monthly payment they keep telling me to add money to be able to withdraw for two months now I have not got any monthly payments they have a support team if you’re a new client they respond very quickly but when they get used to your questions they ignore you. I am thinking if sueing the guy who invited me because I know his contact he acted like he knew these guys very well they keep blocking and adding you to various wattsapp groups but keep posting zoom meeting to keep you from carrying out your other work it’s just a wastage of time and money please don’t join anything that put emphasis on referals kindly be warned it’s scam

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