Review: Legit or Another Scam? review

In the vast world of online shopping, it is crucial to distinguish between legitimate websites and potential scams. is an online platform that claims to offer attractive deals on a variety of products.

However, upon closer inspection, several red flags raise concerns about the legitimacy of this website.

In this review, we will explore the concerning aspects of and advise caution to potential customers.

What is presents itself as a shopping website, advertising various items at remarkably low prices. The website offers an enticing 10% discount on the first purchase, free shipping on orders over $40, and a 30-day refund policy. It uses credit cards for payments.

It appears to belong to Huafeng Ting International Trade Co., Limited. It offers a clothing product line including pants, men’s shoes, t-shirts, women’s dresses, hats, and many more.

According to SimilarWeb, it has 31k visitors on average every month. 

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Website Profile
Known asSniom
Site typeShopping Website
Products offeredJumpsuit, Cozy Sleepwear, T-shirt, Denim, Casual Suit, Sunhat, Dresses and Many More.
Domain registration dateFebruary 6, 2023
AddressHUAFENG TING INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO. LIMITED, Room 6, 12th Floor, Guangfa Commercial Center, 48 Guanghua Street, Kowloon Mong Kok
Contact Email[email protected]

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Given the array of red flags and concerning aspects, is highly likely to be a scam website. Customers are strongly advised to avoid making any purchases on this platform to prevent potential financial loss and safeguard their personal information.

Here are the red flags of this website that question its authenticity.

  • is recently created website.
  • The website provides no concrete information about the company behind
  • has plagiarized content and product images from legitimate online stores like Alibaba, Amazon, and Aliexpress.
  • The address provided on the website is suspicious and potentially false.
  • The excessively discounted prices and other offers on are suspicious.
  • The website lacks adequate security measures, which may put customers’ personal and financial information at risk.
  • has received numerous consumer complaints regarding the quality of products and non-delivery of ordered items.
  • Some policies on the website seem questionable.

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Is a legitimate website?

No, is not a legitimate website.

What is the domain registration date of was registered on February 6, 2023.

How long does it take for delivery from

The delivery time mentioned on the site is not specific but can take up to 30 days for international clients.

What products does offer? claims to sell a variety of products, including jumpsuits, sleepwear, t-shirts, denim, dresses, and more.

Can I get a refund from

The website offers a 30-day refund policy, but its legitimacy is questionable, so refunds may not be guaranteed.

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  1. do not go around trading with these fake platform. io was a victim ti tem but i got help from mr jeff after i made a report to his mail via jeffsilbert39 gm ail c0 m

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