Review: Legit or Another Scam? review

In the vast world of online services, stands out as a platform offering credit score reports and services. However, when it comes to determining its legitimacy, caution is advised.

With a mixed bag of reviews and limited accessibility, it’s essential to delve deeper into the red flags, green flags, and FAQs surrounding this website.

We reviewed to help you make an informed decision about its reliability and suitability for your credit score needs.

What Is is an online platform that offers credit score reports and services. Its website is not accessible to the general public.

Only those who have registered with their server are able to access it. has multiple subsidiary websites. These websites have the appearance of being exclusive member login pages. They also appear to be associated with Yahoo Finance and a few other well-known businesses.

Since we are unable to access the site, we are unable to comment on the availability of the owners’ information, policies, and other documents.

According to SimilarWeb, on average 700k people visit this site every month.

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Website Profile
Known asView Free Score
Site typeCommercial Website
Services offeredCredit Score Reports and Service
Domain registration dateJuly 22, 2019, a Product of One Technologies, LLC 8144 Walnut Hill Lane Suite 600 Dallas, TX 75231
Contact Number1-877-252-8138

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The presence of is not well-established, and its rating for authenticity, trustworthiness, and security is low. This raises doubts about the website’s legitimacy. Additionally, receives mixed ratings across different factors, indicating possible concerns with its credibility.

While negative reviews exist, it’s crucial to differentiate between user experiences and the overall platform. Here are some red flags for you to consider:

  • Charged $39.99 from users without permission.
  • Negative reviews and complaints regarding cancellation, refund processes, and customer services.

It’s essential to exercise caution and conduct personal research before engaging in any transactions. Every online platform carries potential risks, and customer experiences may vary.

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How can I access

Access is limited to registered members only.

How can I address cancellation or refund concerns?

Contact customer service for assistance with cancellations or refunds.

Is reliable for credit score reports?

Always exercise caution before using the platform life

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  1. Need my money back not only have u stole before now u take my medicine money. Do the rite thing refund immediately. $ww7777wes that’s cash app u stole from…..

  2.…. thanks for taking my money when I didn’t authorize you too! That’s a scumbag thing to do! Shame on you.

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