The Super Patch Company Review: Legit or Scam?

the super patch review

The Super Patch Co, an online retailer of plastic patches, claims that it uses contemporary technology to create its plastic patches, making them suitable for use as pharmaceuticals.

In this post, we will review Super Patch and let you know whether it is a scam company or not.

What is The Super Patch?

Super Patch is a plastic patch-selling company that states it used “vibrotactile technology” in its patches which can help to cure many things and can be used as substitutes for other medicines as well.

super patch

Super Patch also has a compensation plan for its members and an affiliate program to earn more incentives.

super patch founder

The co-founder of Super Patch is Jay Dhaliwal and it was established in March 2023. The headquarters is situated in Canada.

Super Patch is partnered company of VoxxLife which sells socks with similar objectives to enhance athletic performance and focus.

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits to the Super Patch website are 82k+ with the top countries reaching Germany (55%), the United States (24%), and Switzerland (7%).

Moreover, the Super Patch domain was last updated on February 2023, as per WHOIS.

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Website Profile
Known asSuper Patch
Site typeMLM
Products OfferedPatches
Domain registration date6 June 2000
Address350 Britannia Road East Unit 1. Mississauga ON, Canada
Contact e-mail[email protected]

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Super Patch Review

Although Super Patch appears to be a clean and clear business, we found several grey characteristics in it. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of this business:


  • Founders are actively present in the market
  • Contact support available
  • Address of headquarters provided


  • No research and study provided by the company regarding its product claim.
  • Products not approved by FDA.
  • Negative reviews on the internet.
  • MLM compensation plan enforces stockpiling.

The only query regarding Super Patch’s operation is whether or not its plastic patches live up to the company’s claims. Because the corporation has made several irrational, excessive promises regarding its items.

super patch reviews

After reading both good and bad reviews online, we can conclude that the patches are more of a placebo that works occasionally but not consistently that’s why to increase their audience, they thus developed an affiliate program and revenue plan.

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Who is the operator of Super Patch Review?

The co-founder of Super Patch is Jay Dhaliwal.

From where Super Patch is operating?

Super Patch is operating from Canada.

Is Super Patch legit?

Yes, Super Patch appears to be a legit website but we can’t comment much on its product relatability.

Should I join Super Patch?

Yes, you can join Super Patch but at your own risk.

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2 thoughts on “The Super Patch Company Review: Legit or Scam?”

  1. Hello I am using the patches and they work very well for pain, joint mobility, sleep quality, concentration, mood and memory enhancement and have no side effects. Your review implies there are no scientific proof of its effectiveness – however there are clinical trials and articles in peer reviewed journals. Please contact the company to access these or see

  2. This patch is a scam do not buy it, get involved wit them . I was fooled to buy the 999$ package thinking they were real and would help people and it DOES NOT WORK. They market a 100% money back gaurantee it’s a hoax I’ve been writing emails and no reply. Stay away from these theives.

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