Veqber Guild Collapsed! What to do Next?

veqber guild collapsed

Veqber Guild, another Ponzi scheme fraud, has suspended operations, which suggests that its operators will leave shortly and that the company will soon shut down completely.

We have issued numerous warnings regarding the collapse-prone nature of Ponzi schemes.

As a result, we will provide a summary of recent events that have affected Veqber Guild’s commercial operations and advise its users to get ready for the effects that will follow.

What is Veqber Guild?

Veqber Guild is a De-fi platform that runs from the website, and according to that site, its corporate offices are in London, England. Dash Bereford is the CEO of Veqber Guild.

Veqber Guild

Recently, the Veqber Guild website was completely shut down for a few hours and is now geo-blocked in a number of places. This barring from various internet areas looks to be an effort to elude law enforcement. Many rumors regarding its impending collapse followed this specific event.

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Veqber Guild Collapse

Although the Veqber Guild website has been restored, it is still banned in a number of regions in an effort to elude the local authorities. As a result, it doesn’t appear that the website has completely collapsed; rather, it appears that the operators are beginning to exit completely.


Because in many instances, most operators of Ponzi schemes limit withdrawals and provide a justification to consumers in order to conceal the collapse and exit of operators. However, despite the website being back online in this instance, withdrawal problems are still being reported.

Veqber Guild already had a number of warning signs, so it is safe to assume that collapse is imminent—if not today, then at some point in the future. And the current drop in internet traffic and website geo-blocking indicates that it will happen shortly.

Due to the fact that supposedly very few users are able to withdraw funds, we advise all users who have deposited money in Veqber Guild to do so as soon as possible because if it collapses, you will lose all of your money and the operators will flee with the exit.

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