Vicion Group Review: Legit or Another Scam? Review

An online investment platform is known as Vicion Group has generated enough buzz in the market due to its claims that it will offer 200% returns on investment annually through its 12 packages.

In this post, we will review and let you know if it is legit or not.

What is Vicion Group?

Vicion Group is an online investment platform where our business, investors, and participants in businesses can all benefit through discount coupons.

vicion group

Rolando Limon is the founder and Gabriel Garcia is the co-founder of Vicion Group. Its headquarters is situated in California, USA.

vicion group founders

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on its website are 13k+ and its domain was last updated on June 2023, as per WHOIS.

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Website Profile
Known asVicion Group
Site typeInvestment platform
Services offeredPromotional campaigns
Domain registration date5 January 2022
Address211 W B St Ontario CA 91762
Contact e-mail[email protected]

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Vicion Group Review

After investigating the Vicion Group company profile and business model, we found several red flags in it. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Suspicious past of founders  
  • Money circulation fraud  
  • False address of headquarters provided
  • Unrealistic returns
  • Securities fraud
  • No retailable products

The company’s business model is the clearest warning sign; with no retailable products and an extravagant incentive structure with exaggerated returns, Vicion Group appears to be a Ponzi scheme. Vicion Group is also not registered with the SEC, raising the likelihood that they are engaging in securities fraud.

And in the majority of Ponzi schemes, money circulates through the business in extremely high volumes up to its collapse, when participants lose all of their money, and the scheme’s managers flee with a sizable sum of money.

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Who is the operator of Vicion Group?

Rolando Limon is the operator of Vicion Group.

From where Vicion Group is operating?

Vicion Group is operating from California, USA.

Is Vicion Group legit?

No, Vicion Group doesn’t appear to be a legit site.

Should I use the services of Vicion Group?

No, you should refrain from using the services of Vicion Group.

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3 thoughts on “Vicion Group Review: Legit or Another Scam?”

  1. This website is very suspect. ScamDetector score is pretty low
    58.3/100. rates this website as ‘suspicious’ and a ‘low trust site”. The Facebook page has 3 likes, 5 followers who are unidentified, and no reviews. The owner of the site is from China.

  2. Wednesday September 13, I’m am attending a meeting as we speak and just looked this up. They holding
    meeting in Spanish and English and talking
    about competition but no one is asking
    about the History or about who started this
    company and their history. We are watching videos on you Tube. 5 people are
    here.. Thanks for the detailed info. Because no one at this meeting even
    knows or understands when I ask these questions. So Glad for this site! Keep
    posting dated info for everyone.Hopefully
    This will save someone else like me!
    I have been posting on several site in the hopes of warning everyone I can BEWARE and do not when give them$10

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