WishM Collapse! How to Withdraw Your Money?

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WishM News Today: We have warned users many times to stay away from non-regulated and Chinese click-a-button Ponzi schemes.

One such suspected scheme, WishM has collapsed. Wishm.tv has disabled the withdrawal on 15 August, 2023. We have warned users in our previous WishM Review to stay away from these quick-rich schemes.

In this post, we will provide updates regarding the collapse of WishM and offer guidance to those affected by the recent WishM withdrawal issues.

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WishM Collapses!

WishM, a “click a button” app promising substantial returns, lured investors with the illusion of easy money. The mechanics were simple: invest funds, sit back, and let the automated app do the rest.


WishM was operated by Chinese scammers, and it was similar to previous click-a-button ponzi scams.

The WishM disabled withdrawals on August 15, 2023. To compound the uncertainty, a pop-up notice appeared on the website, accusing critics of slander and falsely claiming recognition by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

wishm collapse

As per SimilarWeb the current WishM domain, Wishm.tv has around 180k+ monthly traffic. It states that the scam amount must be huge, and a large audience is affected by this fraud.

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WishM Withdrawl Issue

As the WishM Ponzi collapsed, the once-promised avenue of withdrawals seems impossible.

Even though the website looks like it’s working, people have been struggling to get their money since August 15th.

This big difference, where people can still put money in but can’t take any out, strongly suggests the collapse of the scam.

If you’ve lost money because of WishM or a similar tricky scheme, it’s a good idea to think about making a formal complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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6 thoughts on “WishM Collapse! How to Withdraw Your Money?”

  1. T, Elijah Wollie

    Hi, IAM Elijah from Liberia I invested the total amount of 1065 United States Dollars in WishM, I registered with 3three different accounts and each of those accounts is registered for the amount of 355 United States Dollars . I was to make 15USD a day from each of those accounts but unfortunately WishM has shout down the platform which has left thousands of Liberian in frustration, we have people that invested over 5000USD and didn’t get even have of what they have invested.
    We are seriously in need of help right now.

    1. I thought I was more frustrated at the beginning because I couldn’t afford the amount to register for this WishM platform.
      My brother, I’m so sad for hearing about this tragic story. Please take heart God is with you.

  2. Benedict L Tiawhan

    I’m Benedict from Liberia I invested $650usd on this platform and I have not yet get a$ from this investment

  3. Hello,
    I am from Liberia, West Africa. I also invested in Wishm.tv, not knowing it was a Ponzi scam site. I was certain, like many Liberians who are looking for way to get out of poverty, that this was a real and serious business to invest in. With the collapse of WishM, we’re further dragged down into poverty because they stole the little we had.
    Any help to have these scammers arrested and prosecuted will go a long way in curtailing the kind of evils they’ve done.
    Please help.

  4. Robert T Saatakie

    I’m from Liberia I invested $100usd and I was already planning to invest another $200usd but, unfortunately wishm was down.
    It’s not my own money I credited from someone else and the person demanding for me to pay it the ending of this month.
    I pray that wishm should come back.

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