Zoned AI Review: Legit or Another Scam? review

A new company named Zoned AI has entered the market with its claims of giving unrealistic returns on buying and stalking its cryptocurrency tokens. As the name suggests, its compensation plan depends on artificial intelligence.

In this post, we will review Zoned.AI and suggest whether you should invest in it or not.

What is Zoned?

Zoned is a Text-to-image AI image generator platform where you can generate AI drawings, random art, and NFTs. There is no information available about its founders and headquarters.

It is specifically built to generate adult images of women.

Zoned AI

According to WHOIS, its domain was registered on April 2023. It has monthly traffic of around 70k and most visitors are from the USA (32%), China (20%) and Taiwan (10%).

Zoned AI also offers an affiliate program and cryptocurrency purchasing feature apart from its AI text-to-image generator.

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Zoned Review

We identified several dubious elements and warning signs Regarding the business model and cryptocurrency trade of this company. Let’s take a look at it:

1. Founders are Hiding

The largest cautionary sign in this company is the founders’ or operators’ anonymity because it is crucial to know where people are investing their money. It generates far too much mistrust among its consumers.

This, in our opinion, only points to one thing: that the founders are attempting to defraud a sizable audience without disclosing their identity. It is now easier to defraud individuals without appearing in public.

2. No Physical Presence

Regarding its headquarters or the location where it conducts this activity, Zoned AI has not made any disclosures. It becomes weird when an AI company refuses to disclose its location.

It’s primarily operated from China and wants to expand globally.

Users should be aware that any business seeking investments from the general public must register and become subject to regulation by the relevant authorities in each nation.

3. Bogus Platform

To deceive users and give the impression that they are a trustworthy and respectable firm, they have placed various crucial links and navigation on their website but ironically those links don’t work.

At present, most of the AI tools are free to use and popular once charge a minimal amount to gather the largest audience base. But this is not the case with Zoned.Ai.

They didn’t even provide a free trial (3 pics only) and users have to connect their crypto wallet before registering with them.

AI-generated images by this platform are not accurate as per the description and provide random pictures from its library. They haven’t updated their website since it started operation.

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4. Deceptive Management Avatars

On their website, they have listed their senior executives as avatars rather than as actual bios. They are attempting to keep the names of their senior executives a secret in this situation.

zoned deceptive avatars

Furthermore, for a corporation that calls itself a tech company to engage in such behavior is both exceedingly unethical and unprofessional. Because the people listed in their fancy avatars don’t exist, they are merely attempting to deceive you with them.

5. Money Circulation Fraud

Zoned provides AI image generator services alongside an affiliate program. To join the affiliate program, you must purchase ZONED cryptocurrency tokens using USDT.

The investment packages and their maturity period are:

PackagesCostTokens ReceivedTime
Standard Package10 USDT10 ZONED30 Days
Intermediate Package100 USDT105 ZONED90 Days
Premium Package200 USDT210 ZONED180 Days

After buying tokens, Zoned AI pays a referral commission down to two levels of recruitment.

  • Level 1 – 5%
  • Level 2 – 3%

Here, it is very evident that their primary business is not the AI image generation platform, but rather their affiliate program and the sale of cryptocurrency tokens. Additionally, we conclude that this is an AI-based Ponzi scheme.

When these kinds of Ponzi schemes collapse, the majority of their participants lose their money, while the operators make off with a sizeable sum of money.

Should I Invest in the ZONED token?

No, you should refrain from investing in these kinds of fraudulent schemes and invest your precious money in some legitimate and proven schemes.

Zoned.Ai has the main focus on affiliate program only and promote their token. They are not legitimate AI company as it is not good enough and much better AI platform are already present for free.

It’s very common for scammers to integrate new technology with fraud schemes to manipulate users and earn profit. Earlier this was limited to cryptocurrency only, but now “AI” is also used to loot innocent.

We highly recommend staying from it.

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