Euro Parking Collection Plc Tolls Notices Legit or Scam?

Euro Parking Collection Plc review

A long-standing toll collection business called Euro Parking Collection Plc has gotten a lot of bad press online due to some unfavorable unpaid toll notices, and some have even called it a scam due to some doubts.

In this post, we are going to clear those doubts about Euro Parking Collection Plc and let you know whether those notices are legit or not.

What is Euro Parking Collection Plc?

Euro Parking Collection Plc is a UK-based company that collects tolls and fines from drivers who have used roads, bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructures in various European countries.

Euro Parking Collection Plc is a Subsidy of Verra Mobility. Recently, it has drawn negative attention because of several misconceptions and unfavorable comments on the internet.

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Euro Parking Collection Plc Notice

Numerous individuals throughout Europe have received letters from Euro Parking Collection concerning unpaid tolls from several years ago. Furthermore, the notices’ high owing amount raises even more problems.

Euro Parking Collection Plc notice

A lot of them have even complained about getting a letter about toll collection from European Parking Collection Plc four or more years ago.


As a result, many individuals have filed multiple complaints against Euro Parking Collection Plc, alleging that the business is dishonest and employs unfair toll collection practices. These grievances can be found on various social media networks.

Nonetheless, we must tell you that Euro Parking Collection is a legitimate company. Given how long it has been in operation, it is a completely genuine corporation. But the number of allegations raises important questions.

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Are Those Notices Real?

Even though it’s still unclear if those warnings are coming from scammers or the legitimate Euro Parking Collection Plc, we can offer you a few warning signs to help you determine whether any notices are from scammers or legitimate businesses.

First and foremost, you should review those letters for grammatical faults and amateur writing style, as scammers frequently use both.

Second, since con artists frequently alter names and logos, you should also verify the names and logos of the letters that purport to be from a legitimate organization.

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What to Do?

If you receive a notice from Euro Parking Collection Plc regarding still unpaid toll payments, it is recommended to pay the toll if it is a legitimate unpaid toll from prior transactions.

Indeed, technical difficulties may have caused some misunderstandings between you and the organization; if this is the case for you, you can get in touch with them as well.

If a toll collection company is troubling you, you can get in contact with their legal team and provide them with any supporting documentation—such as credit card bills, bank statements, or receipts—that attests to your payment of the penalties and tolls.

If you notice anything suspicious or raise red flags in the letters purporting to be from Euro Parking Collection Plc, you can also get in contact with them.

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