American Benefits Program Legit or Scam?

american benefits program scam

People are confusing a new fraud called “American Benefit Programme,” which is being spread through phone calls, with a genuine organization called “American Senior Benefits.”

Thus, we will examine all of these phone calls in this post and inform you whether the “American Benefit Programme” is connected to the “American Senior Benefits” in any way.

What is the American Benefits Program?

American Benefits Programme, often known as “American Benefits Insurance,” is a corporation that purports to be an insurance provider, offering a variety of insurance products, including life and product insurance.

American Benefits Program scam calls

They use phone calls to reach out to their target audience. The scam typically begins with unwanted phone calls from an unknown caller posing as an American Benefits Programme representative and offering term insurance or any other type at steep discounts.

But we must remind our readers that the “American Benefits Programme” is unrelated to the actual US-based organizations “American Benefits Group” and “American Senior Benefits,” which is a scheme for the benefit of senior residents in the US.

The American Benefits Programme is sometimes confused with the other two because of their somewhat similar names.

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American Benefits Program Scam

It is believed that con artists from South Asian nations are behind the phone scam that has been carried out, specifically aimed at US residents. Scammers’ primary goal is to steal the money from unsuspecting victims.

The con begins when the victim falls for a cheap term insurance scheme. To continue, the con artists demand a predetermined sum via untraceable means, like cryptocurrency, etc. Scammers immediately stop calling and block the victim’s number when the victim pays the desired amount.

Because the con artists have chosen a name that resembles two reputable and well-established organizations, people are frequently duped by these phone calls. As a result, you ought to be aware of these facts.

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Is the American Benefits Program legit?

No, the American Benefits Program is a complete scam.

Are American Benefits Program’s services real?

No, all of the American Benefits Program’s claims on phone calls regarding their services are untrue and intended to deceive.

From where American Benefits Program is operating?

There is no information available about the location of the operation of the American Benefits Program.

What to do if I receive a suspicious call from the American Benefits Program?

You should reject these calls immediately, and if you can, report them to the appropriate authorities in your nation as well.

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