Awakend Review: Zenith Weight-Loss MLM Scam?

Awakend Review

This time we are here with a detailed post on Awakend Review, a product-based MLM company dealing in health supplements.

Awakend claims to be a movement designed and created to help people remember their POWER.

In this post, we will discuss Awakend company profile, its product “Zenith“, MLM compensation plan, and an overall review of the company followed by the answer to the question, Should You Join Awakend?

Let us quickly understand the company details.

When Started2022
Head Office Utah, USA
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsWeight Loss Supplements
Joining Cost$50

What is Awakend?

Awakend is an MLM company that started in the year 2022 and has no founder information provided. However, the prelaunch of its product named “Zenith” was headed by its promoter Danelle Meoli.

Along with her one more distributor and promoter, Chipmacgil.

Chip macgil

Also, there is no data provided regarding the head office or the location of the company.

Awakend claims to be in its pre-launch phase having only a limited number of products for a long time.

To get the MLM opportunity, people need to join the company as a distributor and start building the downline.

According to SimilarWeb statistics, major traffic to is from the United States (56.38%), Canada (42.77%) and Australia (0.85%).

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Joining Awakend

One can join Aakend by entering the referral code to join the downline or can also register as an individual.

The Distributor either need to pay a $50 annual membership fee to join or purchase any of the below started pack:

  • 2 bottles of Zenith Starter pack = $260
  • 4 bottles of Zenith Starter Pack = $500

Once you join as a Distributor, you can upgrade the ranks by building downlines and achieving the targets.

Awakend Products

Awakend for now deals in a single product named Zenith.


According to the company, Zenith is a pure veg dietary supplement that helps to accelerate fat loss by managing the body’s leptin system.

Zenith is prepared with two main ingredients named Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose and Cetylated Fatty Acid complex. The product description claims three things:

  • It may increase healthy fat loss
  • It may reduce serum leptin
  • It may increase serum adiponectin

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Awakend Compensation Plan

There are mainly 6 ways to earn as per Awakend compensation plan:

  1. Retail Commission
  2. Fast Start Bonus
  3. Team Commission
  4. Rank Advancement Bonus
  5. Matching Bonus
  6. Lifestyle Bonus

1. Retail Commission

As per the company’s explanation, the retail commission is the difference between the retail price and the distributor price.

Retail Commission = MRP – Distributor Price

2. Fast Start Bonus

Commissions are based on the purchase of products by new distributors. Commission earned is as follows:

The purchase of 2 Bottle Starter Pack by a new distributor leads to a $25 commission

The purchase of 4 Bottle Starter Pack by a new distributor leads to a $50 commission.

3. Team Commission

The Team Commissions are based on the binary compensation structure. With the condition that there exists 500 GV on both legs of the binary structure, the respective distributors are given 5% of generated volume.

4. Rank Advancement Bonus

Improving the rank results in an increase in commissions as below:

RankRank AdvancementIn Limited Time
Sapphire Director$100If in 5 weeks, $500
Ruby DirectorWithin 10 weeks of Sapphire, $500If in 15 weeks, $1500
Double Blue DiamondWithin 30 weeks of Ruby, $1000If in 30 weeks, $5000
Triple Blue DiamondWithin 30 weeks of Double Blue Diamond, $2000If in 52 weeks, $10,000
Black Diamond ExecutiveWithin 30 weeks of Triple Blue Diamond, $3000If in 78 weeks, $25000
Triple Black Diamond ExecutiveWithin 45 weeks of Black Diamond Executive, $10,000If in 110 weeks, $1,00,000

5. Matching Bonus

The company follows the Unilevel structure to calculate matching bonuses.

RankLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7
Emerald Director10%
Ruby Director15%10%
Diamond Executive15%10%5%
Blue Diamond Executive15%10%5%5%
Double Blue Diamond Executive and higher15%10%5%5%5%5%5%

6. Lifestyle Bonus

The distributor holding Diamond and Triple Blue Diamond rank qualify to earn a lifestyle bonus.

If they maintain rank for 10 consecutive weeks then the commissions are as below:

Diamond Executive$750
Triple Blue Diamond Executive$1500

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Awakend Review

Other than the basic information shared above, we have something more to know about Awakend.

It includes some major red flags about it.

Founders are Hiding

One of the biggest red flags for any opportunity is not disclosing the founders’ details. The same goes here, Awakend has not disclosed any information about the founder or organization that manages it.

There is no diligence for the company which is selling a life-changing product and opportunity.

Extravagant Prelaunch

At many points, Awakend states that there is a shortage of products due to the pre-launch phase. If the company was not ready with appropriate stocks then why they did pre-launch and took orders for the same?

The pre-launch not only asks distributors to purchase the product but enforced them to bring more people.

Awakend does not have enough research for the claims they made for Zenith. Hence, many questions are raised against it.

Sneak-Oil Product

The supplement industry is full of products that do baseless claims to play with your health.

Fortunately, clinical studies can help to understand the actual results of any product.

There are various solid claimsc made for Zenith as well.


Awakend shares, why leptin resistance cause weight-gain and how Zenith can control leptin level.

Awakend even said they have conducted an 8-week study on it. But they are not providing the actual study and name of the institution that conducted it.

Furthermore, Awakend tried to circulate a study about Zenith performed in 2008, fourteen years ago its establishment. But BehindMLM’s research reveals it was an edited research paper of Trisynextrade (a proprietary blend of modified cellulose and cetylated fatty acids ).

Source: BehindMLM

Later on, Zenith’s formulator for Awakend, Vietal Nutrition released a statement about its origin.

Awakend claims to have exclusive rights to Zenith’s formulation, but Vietal Nutrition’s official statement reveals, Tripharma holds the patent of Trisynex, and Awakend was allowed to sell it by rebranding as Zenith.


Tripharma rebranded itself as Vietal Nutrition.

While there is also a tussle between Tripharma and another entity named First Fruits Business Ministry. Both companies are claiming to have an exclusive patent on Trisynex formulation and a legal battle is held.

Moreover, First Fruits Business Ministry has sent a cease and desist to Awakend for false marketing and misleading claims about Zenith.

Zenith is not the first product to sell Trisynex formulation, many companies have tried since the 2000s but Awakend has done efficiently using the MLM concept.

Expensive & Not Worthy

Awakend claims, their products will show results when 2 capsules of Zenith are taken with proper diet and exercise.

If one can lose weight through proper diet and workout then there is no need of taking such a supplement and paying $160 for a bottle.

Maintaining a healthy physique should be part of the lifestyle and not dependency on some magic pill.

The same formulation was earlier sold at $39.99 with different names, so it’s not exclusive.

For $160 one can buy whey protein and spend on other healthy diet options for whole months. So choosing Zenith for weight-loss purposes seems stupid.

NFT Offerings

Being a product-based MLM company and turning the distributors towards NFT is something not correct. Awakend claims that it is offering NFT services to the distributors who purchase the founder packs.

The company claims that such a platform will help distributors to showcase their tie-up with Awakend to other people on the web. The use of NFT sounds like a gimmick that needs to be checked well.


Till now what we saw clearly explains that there are not many retail sales, the product is not worthy and still, the company tries to bring more people in order to earn commissions.


The annual membership cost is $50 and requires the purchase of products every month to maintain the rank.

One thing we can conclude here is that Awakend is using the money from new distributors to provide commissions to the older ones and doing money circulation.

This proves Awakend to be a product-based pyramid scheme.

Should I Join Awakend?

We highly recommend to not join and buy products from Awakend. There are many practical reasons behind this.

First of all, the Zenith capsule is not worth to price and there are many better and healthier ways to reduce weight.

Secondly, Awakend is misleading customers and distributors from the beginning. They have did false product claims and hiding various crucial details.

Awakend is doing money circulation using dummy products and pretending to be MLM. Their product is extremely overpriced, customers are lured to make purchases and the compensation plan is recruitment-driven.

Moreover, it also started collecting investments from others using NFT. Their objective is to raise maximum money from people and loot them.

So whoever is promoting this, should also think for others’ health and pocket, not only about their commission.

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5 thoughts on “Awakend Review: Zenith Weight-Loss MLM Scam?”

  1. I ordered. I did not like it, I went to return it and learned that there is a restocking fee of 15% per bottle. Open or unopen, there is a restocking fee of 15% per bottle. I hate to write it twice, but people need to be aware. It has to be to them by the 60 day mark, or zero refund.
    I had a headache each time I took it.
    I had to ask over and over for the information to return it. You first have to email and ask for an RMA and fill it, enclose it with the product…..
    So far, no refund…. I have been waiting and no email, no money returned.

    1. Still waiting for the product. It shows that it was shipped on February 28th. They are now trying to say its a delay at the post office. Whatever!!!!

  2. It’s a scam. The product is over priced garbage. Over 60 people that I know of including myself in the first month it launched gained weight and had horrible side effects. The company wanted to blame the capsule. Well somebody got the actual pills checked in a lab and the majority of the ingredients were horrible.
    Now they are trying to send out new bottles with so called different capsules. Total B.S. save your money.

    1. and some people have not received the new bottles they were promised…..lots of empty promises with this company!!! Do not fall for this bs!!!!

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