Blue Edge Financial Review: Trading Bot Scam?

blue edge financial review

This post is going to be a Blue Edge Financial Review, a company that runs through an AI-powered trading bot and focuses on Forex as well as crypto trading.

We will discuss the Blue Edge Financial company profile, courses, and affiliate program, as well as our personal review regarding Blue Edge Financial.

At last, we will also share our answer to the question, Should I Join Blue Edge Financial?

Blue Edge Financial
FounderAdam Wenig, Joe Hicken, Tyler Turner
When StartedSeptember, 2019
Head Office Cheyenne, United States
Opportunity TypeForex, Crypto
ProductsEducational Courses
Joining Cost$147

What is Blue Edge Financial?

Blue Edge Financial is started by Adam Wenig, Joe Hicken and Tyler Turner in the year 2019.

blue edge financial founders
Adam Wenig (left), Joe Hicken (middle), Tyler Turner (right)

Adam is said to be the face of Blue Edge Financial whereas Joe claims to be the bot builder and Tyler operates the education portion.

Blue Edge Financial claims to provide Forex trading education and an AI-powered bot named Titan G27 to carry out trading activities.

Apart from this, the company also allows users to earn affiliate commissions that we will discuss below.

According to the SimilarWeb statistics, major traffic to Blue Edge Financial is from the United States (22.24%), Canada (20.97%), Mexico (7.34%), Germany (5.90%) and Colombia (5.60%).

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Joining Blue Edge Financial

To join Blue Edge Financial there is a membership fee of $ 147/month. There are mainly two types of memberships: Forex Membership and Crypto Membership.

1. Blue Edge Forex Membership

blue edge financial forex pack

This membership includes 25 video modules, mini quizzes and cheat sheets for the members. Apart from that the company claims to provide 4 bonuses:

  1. Titan X Tool
  2. Bank’s Secret Indicator
  3. Yuuya’s Trade Ideas
  4. Volume Reaction Trading (VRT) Cheat Sheet

Basically, this membership helps members to learn and understand the basics of trading till advanced learning.

This membership can be taken either monthly or annually as below:

blue edge financial forex membership

2. Blue Edge Crypto Membership

blue edge financial crypto pack

This membership includes short lessons from beginner to advance and helps to start crypto trading.

It includes:

  • Portfolio
  • Spiral Guide Algorithm
  • Crypto Playbook
  • Daily Market Analysis
  • Lee’s Trade Ideas
  • Hype Coins Indicator
  • Discord Community

The membership can be taken either monthly or yearly as below:

blue edge financial crypto membership

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Blue Edge Trading Bot

Blue Edge offers different types of trading bots such as Titan G7, Titan G27 and Titan X.

blue edge financial titan-G7

These AI-powered trading bots are developed with the help of Forex bank traders. It is also known as smart money movement technology.

Once this software is downloaded, it keeps running continuously and also keeps trading automatically to make the best profit.

However, we are unaware of the algorithms used to design this bot. Blue Edge Financial has shared some video guides to teach, How to use these bots.

Blue Edge Funding

As per company rules, to become an active investor in the funding program the members need to pass a few different challenges.

Once they get accepted, they can trade over the website and keep 70 to 80% of their profits.

However, to start trading, it is required to download the G27 AI software and select the broker that you need to deal under.

Not only this but you will also need to purchase a VPS i.e. Virtual Private Server that keeps the software running 24*7.

Blue Edge Financial Affiliate Program

Blue Edge Financial is not only a Forex and Crypto-based company but also provides Affiliate Commissions.

A 10% commission is provided over every Blue Edge membership you sell, including the recurring purchases of your personal downline members.

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Blue Edge Financial Review

This was all that you need to know about Blue Edge Financial. It seems to be a lucrative opportunity offering ai-powered trading bots. Also, they teach trading as well as provide commissions to bring more people.

But there is a flip side to it, which needs to be known before spending $147 monthly on a membership.

Shady Past of Founders

Adam Wenig, the face of Blue Edge Financial is also involved in a few other companies which need to check upon.

Adam is the founder of Global Dream Builders which is an online marketing platform. On this platform, Adam claims to teach how to generate huge income from self-designed websites.

However, all we came to know is he tries to advertise his Global Dream Builders packages through people over their website and attract more people towards his setup.


He also joined hands with Eaconomy (also started in 2019), a company that used the same Al-based bot for trading. The interesting part is, Eaconomy was declared a pyramid scheme.

This creates suspicion about Blue Edge Financial as the trading bot is also their main product.

Expensive Memberships

The smallest membership of Blue Edge Financial costs $147 per month just for teaching things. For trading purpose, one needs to make extra expenses for software as well.

There are various Trading Bots available for different markets at free or much nominal cost. Morever, there are expert creators who teach investment and trading free on the internet.

Hence, as per your requirements and circumstances, there are cheaper alternatives are available.

Affiliate Commission Oriented

Blue Edge Financial claims to provide a 10% commission for every person who joins the company through your reference.

10% of $147 is $14.7 for every person who joins. Many times individual affiliates promote companies or products for only personal gain.

So please verify facts at your own level and don’t get caught in the promotion.

Bots Not Always Effective

Trading Bots are not 100% reliable and the same goes for Blue Edge. Blue Edge has maintained amazing ratings over review platforms like TrustPilot. But we found many traders are not happy with the results of bots.

User needs to upgrade from Titan G7 to Titan G27 and Titan X, which can be frustrating for traders.

So traders must take chance on bots as per their appetite and trust in bots.

Should I Join Blue Edge Financial?

So this decision is completely on you. Without moving into many technicalities, we have shown both sides of the business.

If you feel Blue Edge is the trustworthy and ideal solution for your requirements, you can opt for it. So far they are doing good in their business and no major concern we can find with them.

Same time, we will also recommend checking for alternatives as there are much cheaper options available.

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4 thoughts on “Blue Edge Financial Review: Trading Bot Scam?”

  1. This is a typical bate and switch review. Meaning they give a review but the real reason is to get ppl to opt-in to their product.

  2. Ya pretty typical tactic here of trying to hijack blue edge financial’s traffic & bait them into your own offer :/

  3. That makes no sense. EvenInsight’s “product” is reviews. That doesn’t compare with tech products that may or may not be legitimate. So, there is no bait-&-switch, which anyway is actually falsely advertising a good deal then saying what’s advertised isn’t available but something more expensive is.

    Although written in rather odd English as if inadequately translated from another language or letting AI write it with minimal human input, this review eventually gets around to saying Blue Edge Financial is basically a scam built on an expensive, would-be get-rich-quick pyramid scheme that needs those who join to already have lots of money to burn or go broke doing so. Remember, get-rich-quick and pyramid schemes always eventually collapse with only those who started it and those who were fooled early coming out ahead. By the way, Blue Edge claims to be based in “Cheyenne, United States”–no such place, really; that’s like saying “Springfield, USA”–no such a district place. Besides probably meaning Cheyenne, Wyoming, there is also at least Cheyenne County, Colorado, and Cheyenne County, Kansas. But, Blue Edge’s 952 area code puts them just northwest of Los Angeles, California. So, buyer beware–giving up $1,764 annually before required upgrades and then probably losing it all isn’t losing spare change for most people. Remember, when anything sounds too good to be true, it almost always is.

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