Carnelian12 Collapses: How to Withdraw Money?

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C12 Carnelian12 Latest Update Today: In our previous Carnelian12 review, we strongly cautioned individuals to avoid getting involved with Carnelian12, an elaborate scam operating as a Ponzi scheme, with the potential to crumble at any given time. Regrettably, our concerns have materialized, as the Carnelian12 Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

In this post, we’ll update you on what’s happening with Carnelian12 withdrawals and provide some helpful guidance on how to withdraw from Carnelian12.

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Carnelian12 Collapse

Carnelian12 was Ponzi scheme that claims a 12% daily return on investment, has come crashing down, leaving investors grappling with unpaid withdrawals since late May.

The scam became evident when investors started reporting delays in receiving their withdrawals. On May 28th, Carnelian12 acknowledged the withdrawal delays but attributed them to “security measures” necessitated by the company’s supposed rapid expansion.

Carnelian12 Collapse

Furthermore, affiliates discovered that if they had an open withdrawal request, they were prevented from initiating new ones, further deepening concerns.

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Carnelian12 Withdrawal Update

In an attempt to address withdrawal concerns, Carnelian12 claimed that recent delays were due to technical issues and the need to comply with verification procedures imposed by payment gate merchants.

Carnelian12’s first attempt to rectify the situation came on June 2nd when they assured investors that withdrawals marked as “in work” could take up to 12 hours to process.

Carnelian12 withdrawal update

Investors were urged to be patient and avoid bombarding customer support or sharing grievances on social media platforms. The company threatened legal action against anyone attempting to blackmail or spread false information.

As the promised deadline of June 12th for the resumption of withdrawals approached, Carnelian12 credited affiliate accounts with a 12% bonus, supposedly as compensation for the delays.


This week has brought us the challenging task of optimizing the system and performing all essential upgrades to restore the normal operation mode.
Our team had to deploy all forces to face the scaling, thus we had to hold some operations at a pending status and client support for a brief moment.

We've credited a compensational 12% reward to all users with pending payouts, thus C12 community can move forward and finish the vital upgrade on weekends, as we will adjust the system and resume normal operations on Monday.

Deposits are accepted, the revenue system works well and will continue to credit your balance with profits before Monday "payouts back" mode.

We've accumulated enough financial strength over the week, thus the FUD Media coverage does not matter to us that much.

Right now we will be finishing the technical side of things, all users must stay our ground as a part of a team.
Thank you for your patience in this matter, your support moves us forward!

Once again - C12 does not have any affiliation to any other project on the web.
Do not accept emails, marketing or spam, refund offers or anything similar.
It has nothing to do with Carnelian12!
We will never contact you first!
We will not be able to compensate you!

Systems Operational at:

Days online: 210
Users joined: 53,500≈
Funds deposited: $56,200,000≈

However, when Monday arrived, withdrawals remained disabled, and no further updates were provided by the company, leaving investors in a state of uncertainty.

It is worth noting that throughout this withdrawal debacle, deposits into Carnelian12 remained unaffected.

How To Withdraw Funds from Carnelian12?

Withdrawals from Carnelian12 seem impossible as the scheme’s collapse unfolds. Despite the official website still being accessible, users are able to request withdrawals but not no one has received funds after 28 May.

This discrepancy, where deposits are still allowed while withdrawals are restricted, is a clear indication of a potential scam.

It is important to acknowledge that in MLM Ponzi scheme exit scams, such as Carnelian12, the pattern of permitting deposits while imposing restrictions on withdrawals is a common tactic.

If you have suffered financial losses due to Carnelian12 or any similar Ponzi scheme, it is advisable to explore the option of filing a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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