Review: Legit Platform or Scam? review

Unlimited access to a vast library of movies, music, audiobooks, games, software, and sports is undeniably tempting., a website claiming to offer such a service, has captured the attention of many entertainment enthusiasts seeking convenience and variety.

However, as we delve deeper into the world of, it becomes evident that this platform has many red flags.

This post will provide a review of Fruust and will find out whether is legit or a scam?

What is Fruust? is a website that claims to offer unlimited access to a library of movies, music, audiobooks, games, software, and sports.

To access Fruust content, users are required to sign up for the website. However, during the sign-up process, the website asks for credit card information.

is fruust legit?

Upon closer investigation, it becomes clear that this website fails to live up to its promises. Numerous customers have raised complaints, and several red flags suggest that may not be a trustworthy platform.
Known As Movies, Music, Games, and Software
Site TypeEntertainment Store
Products OfferedMovies, Music, Games, and Software
Domain Registration Date20, January 2023
Contact Email[email protected]

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After conducting a thorough investigation and gaining valuable insights, it has become clear that is not the reputable platform it claims to be.

Instead, this website operates as a fraudulent platform, preying on unsuspecting users and seeking to exploit their personal information.

  • Fruust operates a subscription scam.
  • Unauthorized transactions from users’ credit cards.
  • SSL certificate not available.
  • Lots of negative reviews and poor ratings on review websites.
  • Fake Details (Address) on Website.
  • No customer support and wrong contact deatils.
  • No official social media accounts.
  • Recently Started in January 2023.

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Is Legit?

Based on the information above, has received a very bad trust index from various sources, including ScamDetector and Trustpilot. Additionally, there have been concerns raised about the website being a subscription scam. Therefore, it is our opinion that is not a trustworthy website.

How do I cancel my subscription on

There have been reports of users being unable to cancel their subscriptions on It has been concluded that the website operates a scam and the subscription can’t be canceled.

Is a safe website to enter my personal information?

Based on the grievance raised about, we would advise against entering any personal information on the website.

From where is operating?

There is no legitimate information regarding its operation. But it is suspected that it is located somewhere in Europe.

Who is the owner/founder of is operating anonymously.

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