Meta Force Review: Real or Fake?

metaforce review

This post is going to be a Meta Force review, a company that claims to be a DeFi Platform and runs over the “Force Ecosystem.”

In this post we will discuss Meta Force company profile, MLM compensation plan and our personal review followed by the answer to the question, Should I Join Meta Force?

Let us quickly move further and understand the company details.   

FounderLado Okhotnikov
When Started2022
Opportunity TypeCrypto MLM
ProductsInvestment Plans
Joining Cost$10

What Is Meta Force?

Meta Force is a Decentralized Finance platform that claims to use smart contracts to provide maximum returns on investments. It can also be called a cryptocurrency-based MLM as it even provides MLM opportunities.

It was founded by Lado Okhotnikov in 2022. The company claims to operate on the Force ecosystem and use smart contracts for all transactions.

Lado Okhotnikov

For your understanding, a smart contract is an automated algorithm running to provide the best results and transparency.

Lado Okhotnikov has also been the founder of Forsage, a proven Pyramid Scheme that was started in 2020. In 2022, the US agency SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) made allegations of it being a $300 Million Crypto Pyramid Scheme.


Also, Russian and Georgian authorities issued warnings against Forsage in past.

Lado Okhotnikov explains that Meta Force is Perfect Force. Also, the Meta Force crypto investment scheme is similar to that of Forsage.

According to the SimilarWeb statistics, the majority of the traffic to is from Kazakhastan (21.55%), Netherlands (20.52%), Russia (19.29%), Pakistan (12.86%) and Vietnam (7.71%).

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Joining Meta Force

As per company rules, there are mainly three steps of joining Meta Force:

  1. Creating wallets and purchasing stablecoins such as Polygon and BUSD.
  2. Register on the official site. You can add a referral code if you have any.
  3. Start investing and select any investment tier.

There are mainly 12 different investment slots in Meta Force similar to that in the Forsage as follows:

metaforce investment
Discounted prices (left), actual prices (right)

One can invest in any one or multiple slots at the same time.

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Meta Force Investment Plan

Meta Force mainly has divided the investment slot into 12 parts categorized into two matrices: the S3 matrix and the S6 matrix.

The S3 matrix includes a total of 4 investors whereas the S6 matrix includes 8 investors.

S3 Matrix

The S3 matrix is the structure of 4 active participants. You as an upline member need to add three members in the direct downline where you will receive the commission of the first two members. The third member’s joining income will go with the Meta Force for slot-reactivation.

S6 Matrix

The S6 matrix is the structure of 8 active participants. You as an upline member need to add two members in the direct downline. You will receive a commission for these two and these two downline members further add 2 downline members each.

The leading upline member receives a commission for the first three 2nd-level downline members whereas the fourth member’s joining income will go to the company for reactivation.

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Meta Force Compensation Plan

There are mainly 3 ways to earn with Meta Force: Referrals, Reactivation and Auto-upgrade. Let us understand all in detail.

1. Referrals

Referral income is mainly earned in two structures: S3 and S6.

S3 Matrix

The total joining fees of two direct downline members are earned as commission whereas the fee of the third member is sent for reactivation.

Example: If direct downline members purchase a plan of $5 each, you receive $5 + $5 = $10 as the commission.

S6 Matrix

The total joining fees of two direct downline members, as well as a further three of their downline members, are earned as commission whereas the fee of the fourth member is sent for reactivation.

Example: If direct downline members purchase a plan of $10 each, and their downline members purchase a plan of $10 each, you receive Level 1 ($10 + $10 = $20) + Level 2 ($10 + $10 + $10 =$30) = $50 as the commission whereas remaining $10 is paid for reactivation.

2. Reactivation

When the auto-reactivation function is disabled, 25% is deducted as part of the Product Pool.

If the auto-reactivation function is enabled, 25% is deducted automatically from the joining fee of the last referral and the rest is given to upline as part of the commission.

Example: As per the above example the last $10 was paid as a reactivation amount instead 25% of $10 i.e. $2.5 is reserved as reactivation fees and %57.5 is received as part of the commission.

3. Auto-upgrade

It is similar to Reactivation. If it is enabled, you receive 100% of the referrals investments whereas if disabled, you need to pay 25% as the upgrade fees.

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To Be Concluded

This was all about Meta Force, its investment plans and earning opportunities. Every opportunity seems to be luring and the smart contracts add up as icing on the cake.

But is everything so real and fruitful? Let us have a look over a few points that might doubt the existence of the company.

Nasty History of Founder

Lado Okhotnikov has been warned by many countries’ governments including the United States, Georgia, and Russia for operating different Ponzi schemes.

Lado Okhotnikov has launched 5 Pyramid Schemes under Forsage and even a thesis is published proving how this scam operates.

Lado himself has claimed Meta Force as being a Perfect Force i.e. advanced version of Forsage. Having such a weird past generates questions about the intention of Lado Okhotnikov.

Money Circulation

From the compensation plan, it is clearly seen that the company is performing money circulation by simply asking investors to bring more referrals and earn directly from their joining fees.

Unlike traditional money-circulation fraud, Meta Force is using cryptocurrency and smart-contract to fool people.

People are highly fascinated with terms like “Smart Contract”, “Decentralized”, and “Cryptocurrency” hence they are unable to differentiate between legitimate opportunities and scams.

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Should I Join Meta Force?

A big no. Only the one who wishes to lose money will think of investing in such a crypto-MLM scam that is going to loot people for sure.

Like Forsage, Meta Force has no right to operate such investment opportunities which have no securities. Moreover, it can collapse anytime and most investors will lose money as such MLM scams expand exponentially.

We suggest staying away from such scams and saving money to invest in some well-organized and legal entity.

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3 thoughts on “Meta Force Review: Real or Fake?”

  1. Every thrive directly or indirectly on referral that doesn’t means it’s a scam.
    You didn’t mention in your post that it’s built in Blockchain so it can’t collapse.
    You didn’t mention the the different products like forcecoin, NFT and the rest one can invest in and still earn if they don’t want to refer.
    Every business needs people to succeed the more people join the more the business expand and grow and investors succeed.
    Many affiliate company today have made huge money and a successful name through referrals so please don’t use all these things as a yard stick to discourage others. Thank you

    1. And why do tell, does affiliate marketing work? Because they have actual products they sell, with a laid out business model, from production to marketing to the customer to showing how profit is made. Blockchain or not if it’s a Ponzi it will collapse. It’s only a matter of time. Thank you

  2. See Every Business is Depending upon Buying and Selling the Market will be decided as per the Demand and Supply .
    In Meta Force Also same thing Happening Mr. Lado Create and Creating a Business Model With the help of Block -Chain technology in web 3.0 which people can Create their own Business in Meta force with 100% distribution and Instant payment as per the Marketing plan .We can get financial FREEDOM with their hands
    we have proper Education system in Meta Force like Academy
    We have many Projects in Meta Force
    Hi Welcome to Meta Force Working Family We are So delighted to have You {9182278670}

    Meta Force is a global Cryptocurrency Ecosystem whose members help each other to achieve financial well-being using our tools and algorithm of instant profit distribution on smart contracts.

    💰 Mini Start-Up Capital = $5

    ⛔⛔ Registration Link:

    You Earn in Dollars and all earnings are paid instantly to your External Crypto Wallet

    ⛔⛔ Meta Force Earning Opportunities:

    🟢 ForceCoin
    🟢 Loyalty NFTs
    🟢 UniteVerse
    🟢 Multi-Mining
    🟢 Metaverse
    🟢Tactile Matrix
    🟢 Tactile Goods
    🟢 Boost (Play to earn)
    🟢 Mana Program
    🟢 Meta Force Dex
    🟢 ForceChain (Blockchain)
    🟢 Traders Club
    🟢 Meta Force Academy


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