iCoinPro Review: Legit or Another Scam?

icoinpro review

A new company named iCoinPro has created a buzz in the market because of its cryptocurrency trading education platform.

In this post, we will review iCoinPro and its MLM compensation plan. Also, suggest to you to whether join it or not.

What is iCoinPro?

iCoinPro is an MLM-based crypto trading learning platform that also enables you to make money from home while using your phone.


The founders of this company are Paul De Sousa and Justin Clark. The headquarters of this company is located in Nevada, United States.

icoinPro co-founders

According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on its website is 106k+ with top countries reaching the USA (59%), Netherlands (25%), and Mexico (3%). Moreover, its domain was registered in March 2017.

iCoinPro also offers an affiliate program on their website to earn extra incentives while learning crypto trading.

iCoinPro cleared in its footer disclaimer that, It’s not an investment company. They provide information for training purposes and the investors are responsible for the associated risk.

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iCoinPro Review

Now it’s time to share some facts and highlights about iCoinPro.

Crypto Training Program

The Micro Profit System is one of the company’s retail products which gives you access to their trade finder software and other trading technologies as well as the opportunity to learn about bitcoin trading.

icoinPro retail products

According to reports, their retail product had far fewer consumers than its affiliate memberships and was on the verge of extinction before the firm rebooted its compensation plan.

Therefore, we can infer that the company relies solely on its MLM side to survive, and there have also been reports of significantly lower sales compared to their affiliate members.

Pay to Play

iCoinPro charges $50 as a lifetime access fee and a $10 affiliate fee. Morever $39.95 monthly membership fee is also charged.

It’s a significant amount for crypto trading training when many popular platforms and creators are teaching the same skills for free or at a much cheaper price.

Also, they charge to become their affiliate partner which is not common with most MLM companies.

Recruitment Driven

iCoinPro does not rely on retail sales but a recruitment drive platform. The company emphasizes affiliates to achieve higher ranks and bring more affiliates to the company.

Also, the earning criteria are way too difficult at higher ranks.

RanksRequirementsLevel 1 commissionLevel 2 commissionLevel 3 commissionLevel 4 commissionLevel 5 commissionLevel 6 commissionLevel 7 commissionLevel 8-12 commission
UnrankedSign-up50% ––  – –
1 starRefer 3 members50%10% – – –
2 star20 members in downline50%10%5%5% –
3 star100 members in downline50%10%5%5%3%2%
4 star500 members in downline50%10%5%5%3%2%2%1%
5 star2500 members in downline50%10%5%5%3%2%2%1%
Star Elite25000 members in downline50%10%5%5%3%2%2%1%
Star Presidential100000 members in downline  50%10%5%5%3%

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Should I Join iCoinPro?

As per the regulations, iCoinPro seems a legitimate company but still many concerns are associated with it.

Cryptocurrency is not a flourishing market right now. But still, it’s easy to attract people using its name. People get excited and can pay extra amounts to make a profit from it and here iCoinPro tricked by launching the training program.

Morever, their MLM compensation plan charges users to become affiliates same time motivates affiliates to recruit more people to earn high commissions.

So instead of a crypto trading program, people get stuck with affiliate programs only and main products lose their significance.


Moreover, in such MLM companies, only top promoters make the most profit, and 90% never get even their investment back.

The decision to join it should be personal and don’t get under others’ influence.

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