iHub Global Review: Legit or Helium Mining Scam?

iHub Global Review

Quick Facts

  • The Helium hotspot project and iHub Global affiliate program offer a lucrative opportunity for those interested in mining HNT cryptocurrency.
  • The future of Helium and HNT is unpredictable, and the project faces major challenges such as the need for continuous electricity and internet connection to operate hotspots.
  • The decision to join iHub Global or Helium is ultimately up to the individual.

In this post, we will examine iHub Global, a company that promotes the Helium project and sells Helium Hotspot devices to miners through an affiliate program.

There is a lot to understand regarding iHub Global, Compensation Plan, and lastly a quick check to know whether it is legit or not. 

At the end of the post, we will also share our personal reviews regarding iHub Global and discuss whether it is worthy to join or not.

iHub Global
FounderRick Cotton
When Started2021
Head Office East Coast, Southern US
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsHelium Hotspot & Mining
Joining Cost$99

What is Helium (HNT)?

Before understanding iHub, it is important to learn about the Helium project.

Helium was founded in 2013 by Shawn Fanning, Amir Haleem and Sean Carey, operating from Florida, USA.

The main aim of Helium is to create a global hotspot network (much the same as an internet hotspot) to connect IoT devices. IoT (Internet of Things) devices include smart bikes, tracking devices, smart home gadgets and other devices which can connect to the internet to exchange data.

To build the hotspot network, Helium sells router-like devices to miners.

Every Helium Hotspot Miner device is connected to the global network and hotspot device owners get rewards for mining.

HNT (Helium Token) is a cryptocurrency based on Helium blockchain technology, miners primarily get their rewards in HNT.

Helium wants to create a global network and ecosystem via its different platforms.

What is iHub Global?

iHub Global is started in early 2021. Rick Cotton is the founder and CEO of iHub Global along with Chuck Hanson being the co-founder as well as VP of Marketing. 


iHub Global claims to be a vehicle that allows people to join the network of Helium.

All one needs to do is set up the Helium hotspot and receive rewards in form of an HNT Token.

The Helium devices focus on deploying LoRaWAN i.e. Long Range Wide Area wireless networks that can connect to devices up to 5 miles away.

Nebra, Bobcat, Calchip, and Rak are other few companies listed on the site that manufactures and sells Helium Hotspot devices.

Please don’t get confused between Helium and iHub Global. Helium has nothing to do with iHub, but iHub operates its compensation plan on the Helium project

As and when Affiliates join the iHub Global and install new Helium devices with iHub, they earn rewards.

It is seen that iHub Global keeps 50% of the profit on sales of Helium devices and give the remaining 50% as bonuses or rewards to the affiliates.

According to SimilarWeb stats, the majority of the traffic on iHub.global is from the United States (50.40%), Russia (5.74%), Italy (3.79%), Ukraine (2.93%), and South Africa (2.62%).

iHub also claims to support a non-profit organization namely VivaKids that works for underprivileged children. It claims to donate 1% of the total earnings to support the NGO.

Company Profile

Company NameiHub Global
FounderRick Cotton
When StartedEarly 2021
Head OfficeOcala, Florida
ProductsHelium Hotspot Devices
Email ID[email protected]

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Joining iHub Global

Joining iHub Global is free, but affiliates have to set up their Helium Hotspot via iHub Global.

If an affiliate wishes to lock the hotspot, there are two options available: Lock with lease or Lock with Deposit.

iHub Global Helium

At such a point, they need to pay $99 as an Application Fee, shipping cost can be $50 or above for most places.

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iHub Compensation Plan 

When members host hotspots, they become eligible for earning 25% out of the overall mining earnings. The remaining is kept by iHub Global and distributed among affiliates.

To start earning with iHub Global, it is crucial to build a personally recruited downline. There are mainly 4 types of teams: Pro, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The size of the team decides the percentage of commission.

Personally Recruited AffiliatesTeam 
1-5 AffiliatesPro Team
6-15 AffiliatesBronze Team
16-25 AffiliatesSilver Team
26 and aboveGold Team

Now there are different ways of earning with iHub Global such as Referral Rewards, Coded Bonus, Pro Network Bonus. 

1. Referral Reward

20% is paid as Referral Rewards for every hotspot developed by an Affiliate.

For instance, 20% of the total HNT generated from the Pro Team, 20% of the total HNT of the Bronze Team, and so on is Referral Reward for Affiliate.

2. Coded Bonus 

The Coded Bonus is similar to the residual commissions. It is earned as a percentage of HNT that is mined by the teams in the Affiliate’s downline. Depending on the type of team, the percentage of the bonus differs. 

Downline Team Percentage of Bonus 
Bronze Team5%
Silver Team10%
Gold Team15%

3. Pro Network Bonus 

It is paid as the percentage of HNT’s first five people.

If you are part of a Pro team, you earn 20% of the total HNT, being Bronze Team earns 25%, being Silver Team earns 30% and if you are a part of a Gold Team, you earn 35% of the total HNT.

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iHub Global Review

Hope the above explanation helped you to understand the Helium hotspot project and iHub Global affiliate program.

Although it seems a lucrative opportunity and futuristic project. But there is risk and uncertainty for the time and money we invest in it.

There are separate arguments on Helium Project and iHub Global.

Future of Helium Project & HNT?

iHub Global totally relies on Helium. The commission is mainly rewarded in HNT and as cryptocurrency, its price is highly volatile, so the gathered commission value changes every second.

When this post is written the HNT ranks 44 as per the stats of CoinMarketCap, the future is unpredictable.

Personally, I get fascinated with such projects as Helium Hotspot to bring all IoT devices to one table. But practically Helium has major challenges to face.

The internet is free, so building people’s network on the internet is an easy and better option, instead of installing routers in every corner of the world and using hotspots.

Hotspot Minning Devices required continuous electricity and internet connection to operate, which is a major challenge to cope with.

Personally I feel, doing mining and earning HNT as the reward is the best use of Hotspot devices. While Mining devices are specifically for Helium mining and its hotspot project, if this project fails all your invested amount on hardware will waste as we can’t mine other cryptocurrencies with it.

Moreover, Helium’s project sounds interesting, but building people’s networks with Helium Hotspot devices has extra provisions.

iHub Global Affiliate Program

iHub Global is not a network marketing opportunity as no income from the multi-level downline is involved. iHub Global is more like an affiliate marketing program where deploying host will provide referral commission. More personal referral leads to higher commissions.

But Why iHub Global?

Now a question arises, if Helium itself provides the opportunity to install a Hotspot device and earn HNT, then why one will join iHub Global.

Starting Cost

If someone wants to be part of Helium Hotspot, then they can purchase any available Helium Hotspot device and set it up.

Device price starts from $350 and individuals have the option to choose different manufacturers and models while joining with iHub have some limitations.

Even though affiliates have to pay a $99 application fee.

Mining Reward

iHub only provides 25% of the total mining reward and reserves a major commission percentage for the referral bonuses.

iHub Global change its compensation structure as per their convenience. So why a serious miner will allow an intermediate to control their mining earnings.

Referral Reward

The only advantage of iHub Global is the referral reward. Introducing the Helium project and installing a hotspot will provide commission for a lifetime which is not possible on joining Helium directly.

Referring up to 10 to 20 hotspot devices can provide decent passive income.

But is it worth convincing everyone to pay $99 extra?

iHub will have control over you and your enrolled affiliates’ mining earnings. iHub Global can change compensation structure anytime, which will affect your earnings extensively. While the intermediate also put some limitations.

The final decision is in your hand.

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12 thoughts on “iHub Global Review: Legit or Helium Mining Scam?”

  1. it’s a ponzi scheme…do the math…my miner did not work…they charge a fee just to watch their vegas show….the monthly fee is 18$ to rent/ 3$ interest and you mine about 9 coins/month…the promise was at first 8-10/000$/month…you only get about 20% of those coins…the company keeps the rest…after you pay your taxes you make no money…total scam…hansen promised me my money back…275$…I sent the miner back but I have NOT received one penny but the 18$ keeps being deducted from my bank account…the english guy who got me involved messaged me and apologized…these 2 scammers are making millions while we get nothing…they are liars and cheaters to a million people!!!

    1. jaja glad you share the experience Im like an detective reading before signing I saw it the moment I saw the contract and conditions but you confirm it.

    2. Hey Harry please could you tell me what’s the mail address for ihub? I know it’s located in Florida but they don’t want to tell me their address to return the minor. Please sent me the mail address to danghost07@gmailcom

  2. It is a scam. There charging $18 a month and the unit is producing only $4 – $5 a month. I want to return the unit, but cannot get anyone to contact me with return information. You can mine HNT without these jokers. STAY AWAY!

  3. Garbage company, Garbage!!!! I just poured some gas on the hotspot an blew it up. Fuck off Ihump Global!! More rewarding seeing it explode anyway

    1. I would love to do the same with the one I have but I was dumb enough to lease it and trying to find a way to break the lease and return it. So far, no luck.

  4. As an ihub global helium miner I have noticed that the company has abandoned its hotspot miners. They have moved on to other endeavors touting their ihub travel and ihub meta verse projects. Guess that’s because HNT has gone down from its high of almost $40 to 1/10 th of that now and I receive only 25% of that HNT amount. I have been mining since April and have made less than $5 of HNT after shelling out $108 in lease fees. We need to band together and bring a class action against these scammers. Supposedly there are thousands of us.

  5. I’m effed just like the rest..
    Supposedly this Melissa lady from management team was supposed to contact me about my payment plus since I’m in NYC , coin zoom does not operate in my state . I need my refund and cancel the lease agreement. No one ever told me about CoinZoom not operating in NYC. Scumbags!!

  6. Chelsea Addison

    I paid $400 in advance for the leased unit – I contacted the staff through the back office and asked questions about early return of the equipment, read the contract, asked questions, was authorized to return it, and then after one month I contacted them asking where my refund is and they then informed me that they’ve decided to only allow a certain amount of early terminations so now I have to wait until 2024 to request termination but no guarantee that it’ll be approved. In the mean time I’ve already returned the equipment so now I have nothing. I’m contacting my attorney in the morning. This is bulls$&t!

    1. There should be a class action against these scammers. I paid 500 for the stupid box that never worked. I absolutely hate people that rip us off and want to do something about it. They NEED to go to prison to detour other get rich quick schemes.

    2. Chelsea please can you tell me the mail address of ihub??? Sent it to this mail [email protected] those scammers don’t even respond my questions and they refuse give me the address everytime I asked. I think their address is the one in the contract but I want to make sure please

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