iX Global Review: Real or Fake Company?

IX Global Review

This post is an unbiased review of iX Global MLM company, which markets itself as an education platform.

iX Global claimed that it is a learning and educational website, here you can learn skills like personality development and marketing.

Let’s see how true its claims are and whether iX Global is real or fake?

First, we will take an overview of iX Global followed by its products and MLM compensation plan. At last, we will share our opinion on it and help you to understand whether iX Global is a pyramid scheme or not?

iX Global
FounderJoseph Martinez
When Started2020
Head Office UT, United States
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsEducational Plans
Joining Cost$115

What is iX Global?

iX Global is officially launched in 2020 and is located in UT, United States. Joseph Martinez is the founder and CEO of iX Global.


iX Global claims that its mission is to impact the lives of those who strive to revolutionize the global education system by emphasizing transformational and personal development.

People have to purchase products subscription to become a member of it which are called Brand Ambassador by iX Global. iX Global provides the iX Academy for its Brand Ambassador as an education platform.

We will discuss more about products further before that let us understand the joining process.

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iX Global Joining Process

To join iX Global you must become a Brand Ambassador by purchasing one of the subscriptions and maintain that by paying monthly.

Joining and subscriptions can be managed from iX Global’s website, ixglobal.us.

IX Global Joining Packs

By becoming Brand Ambassador one can sell products of iX Global, build downlines and earn commissions.

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iX Global Products

iX Global doesn’t market any physical products but offers some online services.

  • Human Development: Personality development, professional coaching, mindset training, leadership training, consciousness, health and nutrition, group and individual counseling, elite entrepreneur services, digital marketing courses.
  • Financial Development: Fin-Tech services, financial academy, live market education, live trading session, binary alert, foreign currency alert, game alert, crypto alert, copy trading, automation bots.

On iX Global public website, they have not provided clear information about all products. So product’s actual benefits can be understood only after buying a subscription

Anytime cancellation option is given on subscription, but refund is not possible.

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iX Global Affiliate Rank

iX Global has different ranks for Affiliates to achieve with different criteria.

  • PV (Personal Volume): PV is fixed points on each product, which are rewarded with every purchase. PV is used to calculate different incomes.
  • GV (Group Volume): GV is calculated as total downline sales volume. For affiliate ranks, iX Global uses PV of personally enrolled members.
Affiliates RanksRequired GV
Executive Coach10,000
Regional Influencer50,000
Global Influencer100,000
Master Influencer250,000
Presidential Influencer500,000
Elite Influencer1,000,000

Someone with 50,000 PV personal product sales will be titled as a Regional Influencer.

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iX Global Compensation Plan

iX Global affiliates can earn the following types of income.

  1. Direct Bonus
  2. VIP Bonus
  3. Team Commission

1. Direct Bonus

In the direct bonus, iX Global gives a $15 commission on every product sale.  

Affiliates earn $15 in each cycle if enrolled affiliates keep renewing subscriptions. 1 Cycle is equal to 4 weeks period.

2. VIP Bonus

VIP bonus is based on enrollment tree which means personal referrals and further downlines.

When affiliates generate the required amount of PV from different downline levels, a certain bonus is rewarded.

  • OGV (Organization Group Volume): Total PV of all downlines are calculated in OGV.
  • MAU (Monthly Active Users): It is calculated as downline active members in downlines.
LevelBonusOGV Required MAU
VIP 100$100360 – Level 14
VIP 500$4501,080 – Level 212
VIP 1,000$9003,600 – Level 340
VIP 2,000 $2,00010,800 – Level 4120
VIP 4,000$4,00022,500 – Level 5250
VIP 8,000$8,00045,000 – Level 6500

OGV requirement denotes the minimum OGV required from respective downline levels.

3. Team Commissions

To get this income affiliates have to create two sales teams, left and right. During new enrollment, Affiliates can place the new downline to the left or right team and they have to maintain both teams.

At end of each cycle, the reward plan will pay you between 10% to 20% on the weaker team’s total PV based on the current rank.

Team Commission has per cycle capping based on rank.

RankTeam CommissionCapping per Cycle
Executive Coach10%$10,000
Regional Influencer15%$50,000
Global Influencer15%$100,000
Master Influencer15%$250,000
Presidential Influencer20%$500,000
Elite Influencer20%$1,000,000

For Instance, if you are on influencer rank and accumulated 10,000 volume in the left sales team and 6,000 volume in the right sales team, then you will receive 15% of the 6,000 volume (Weaker Team) as the Team Commission, which would be $900.  

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To Be Conclude

iX Global seems lucrative opportunity. It offers subscription-based education courses and the opportunity to earn referral as well as residual commission. Moreover, forex trading services earn guaranteed high returns.

But there are dark sides one must know before participating in iX Global.

Suspicious Operators

iX Global is registered as LLC from Bountiful, Utah, USA. Founder Joseph Anthony Martinez is the only known person behind it and he is the director as well.

In his introduction video, Martinez said He served in USA Army before entering network marketing.

Joe Martinez has remained a promoter of a money-circulation scheme Kuvera Global, now rebooted as iGenius, which is also an MLM scam.

Martinez doesn’t have an active social media presence to know the background. Ixglobal.us did not provide enough information about its address and other operators.

When an MLM company is providing such a charming income opportunity and claiming to change lives but operators are hiding, then this is the biggest red flag to get alert.

Looting Indians

iX Global is another MLM (pretending) from the USA that got popularized in India.

Viraj Patil is the top promoter and face of iX Global in India. Through social media, seminars, and zoom meetings, Patil is luring Indians by showing fake and rich lifestyles to become part of it.

Viraj Patil has done paid promotion on Indian news websites to create a bright image among his followers.

iX Global is perhaps registering as a legal entity in India, cause Patil and Martinez’s name has appeared in the MCA (Ministery of Consumer Affairs) directors list.

On an Indian consumer forum (consumercomplaints.in), many people have already filed complaints against iX Global.

IX Global Scam

Is iX Global a Scam?

Yes, iX Global is an MLM SCAM. If more people will become part of it by blindfolding themselves for quick money, then it will be a million-dollar scam.

First of all iX Global is offering forex trading services to its members, which is illegal until the organization is registered under government financial regulators. Neither in the USA nor in India, iX Global has permission to provide financial services.

It is promising guaranteed 5 to 20% returns which is not possible in the real world.

Overall, iX Global is doing securities fraud in all countries it operates.

Pyramid Scheme Compensation

iX Global is promoting shitty courses using the MLM model.

iX Global is taking heavy monthly subscription costs from its members and rotating them in the network. In short, rob peter to pay paul.

iX Global does not have actual-worthy products and using dummy products to pretend MLM whereas it is a pyramid scheme.

Should I Join iX Global?

Whenever African and South Asians see any American or European founder, they get mad and will invest in any kind of bogus scheme. iX Global is not such a first incident.

Now people are getting regularly trading profit and commission on referral from iX Global, but it is a common trait of the fraud scheme until a large population starts believing it.

After some time it will disable the withdrawal of referral commission as well as the invested amount for forex trading. iX Global will either find an excuse to exit the scam or government authorities will stop its operation.

At last, most members will lose money, but predators like Viraj Patil will use the same members’ money to showcase rich lifestyles for next and similar fraud schemes.

We will recommend staying away from such scams. Share this post, to spread awareness among people who lost common sense behind this quick rich scheme, before they get bankrupt.

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8 thoughts on “iX Global Review: Real or Fake Company?”

  1. Norman Anderson

    You really know nothing about IX Global or what it does, do you? If you did, you’d know that they offer the best Forex Trading product on the Planet, with everyone having full control of their capital which IX never touches; excellent trading results; above-average gains. Everyone makes money with or without participating in the MLM.
    IX Global is legal where it operates, and it provides excellent products.

    1. Yes, it is 100% true. Many people known to me lost a huge amount by investing in this fraudulent company. Initially, everybody was happy because they were regularly getting automated profits and team bonuses. But one day, they stopped everything with a justification that their assets in India have been frozen by the Enforcement Directorate. It has been almost one year, and all investors are running behind IX Global to get back their hard-earned money. However, IX has cleverly cheated them, and the promoters of IX are now multimillionaires. So, my friend, please stay away from such fraudulent companies that initially look good, but at a later stage, you will be scammed and lose all of your money. BE CAUTIOUS………………..

    1. Indeed, it is entirely accurate. A multitude of individuals familiar to me have suffered significant financial losses due to their investments in this deceptive enterprise. Initially, there was widespread contentment as the company consistently delivered automated profits and team-based incentives. Yet, an unforeseen turn of events occurred when all operations ceased abruptly, rationalized by the freezing of their assets in India by the Enforcement Directorate. Subsequently, nearly a year has transpired, during which the investors have been fervently pursuing restitution from IX Global for their painstakingly earned funds. Regrettably, IX Global has shrewdly deceived these investors, resulting in the enrichment of its promoters who are now in possession of vast wealth. Therefore, I strongly advise you, my acquaintance, to steer clear of such deceitful enterprises which may appear promising initially, but ultimately lead to fraudulent schemes resulting in the complete depletion of your finances. Exercise utmost vigilance…

  2. Kumara malang

    Looted my hard earned investment. Worst company. Crypto doing good but ixglobal crypto based currency token such as Xplr , grow ,black gold all going down and down only from last 6 months. I lost usd15000 so far and now hoping to withdraw as soon as loss touches to usd8000. Example black gold was 9.8 usd 6months ago and now it values only 4.2 50% loss

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