APLGO Honest Review: Opportunity or Another MLM Scam?


APLGO is a network marketing company dealing in health and wellness products.

Earlier this company was called Ageo but since it turned into the MLM company, it is named APLGO.

In this post, we have shared details about APLGO with its products and MLM compensation plan.

Lastly, we will share our personal opinion on APLGO MLM.

FounderSergei Kulikov
Head Office Bickenbach, Hessen, Germany
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsSkincare, Dietary Supplements
Joining Cost$125

What is APLGO?

Sergei Kulikov is the founder and president of APLGO. The company headquarter is based in Bickenbach, Hessen, Germany.


APLGO has spread its business to many countries like the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, Russia, and many other places.

Similar web stats show that major traffic to www.aplgo.com is from Russia (72.15%) and the United States (9.48%).       

In 2020, the revenue of APLGO was around $125 million and APLGO primarily markets wellness products.

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APLGO Joining Process

APLGO gives up to 10% discounts to customers. Customers can enable autoship to get products monthly auto-delivered, these are called Preferred Customers and they get up to 20% discounts on orders.

There are 2 options to actively join APLGO.

  1. Basic Customer Pack: Pay an enrollment fee of $25 and get the APLGO products at wholesale price, they are called Prime Customers.
  2. Associate Pack: Pay an enrollment fee of $25 plus additionally buy one of the following packages (GoKits) to become a direct seller.
Pack 1$100Promoter
Pack 2$200Associate
Pack 3$400Builder
Pack 4$600Mentor
Pack 5$1800VIP
Pack 6$3000Diamond

GoStatus is given on purchasing the corresponding pack. GoStatus will be further used to calculate different commissions, therefore associates need to achieve higher GoStatus.

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ALPGO Products

As per the official site, the products are divided into 2 categories: Health & Wellness and Beauty products.


The APLGO category includes the products of different sub-categories such as eye & face cream, foaming face wash, facial mask, facial spray, facial toner, and dietary supplements of different flavors (in form of drops) which are made by Acumullit SA Technology.

As per APLGO, Accumullit SA is an advanced power accumulation technology that conserves essential nutrients and sustains phytonutrients

On trustpilot.com, APLGO has very few reviews and they denote it has average product quality and action.

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APLGO Associate Ranks

There are different ranks given for APLGO Associate based on their performances.

  • PV (Personal Volume): There are certain points on every product of APLGO, which are generated through the associate’s purchase and retail orders.
  • GV (Group Volume): GV is PV from a personally recruited associate.
QualificationSmaller Leg Monthly GVPersonally Enrolled AssociatesPersonal Activity
Manager250 GV40 PV
Senior Manager500 GV40 PV
Director1250 GV60 PV
Senior Director2500 GV80 PV
Managing Director5000 GV2 Directors100 PV
Corporate Director12500 GV4 Managing Director140 PV
National Director50000 GV2 Corporate Directors200 PV
International Director75000 GV4 Corporate Directors250 PV
Premiere Director100000 GV6 Corporate Directors300 PV
Ambassador*50000 GV2 National Directors300 PV
Gold Ambassador1000000 GV1 Premier Directors300 PV
Platinum Ambassador1500000 GV2 Premier Directors300 PV
Diamond Ambassador200000 GV3 Premier Directors300 PV
Crown Ambassador500,00 GV (9 Legs Each)5 Ambassadors300 PV

For instance, to be on the Managing Director rank, one needs to generate a minimum of 5,000 GV from the smaller leg, 2 new personally enrolled Directors and a personal 100 PV product purchase in that particular month.

At Ambassador and higher qualification, instead of the smaller leg, GV from all downlines is considered.

APLGO Compensation Plan

The following incomes are in the APLGO compensation plan.

  1. First Order Bonus
  2. Sales Volume Bonus
  3. Customer Bonus
  4. Reorder Bonus
  5. Group Bonus
  6. Matching Group Bonus
  7. Unilevel Bonus
  8. Lifestyle Bonus
  9. Activity Bonus
  10. Infinity Bonus
  11. Entertainment Bonus
  12. Manager Bonus
  13. Luxury Bonus

1. First Start Bonus

You receive between 10% to 20% as a first start bonus on every order of a Gokit from personally enrolled associates.

Different Gokit provides different statuses to new associates and a fixed percentage on Gokit’s price decides this bonus.

  • Promoter: $100 (10%) = $10
  • Associate: $200 (10%) = $20
  • Builder: $400 (15%) = $60
  • Mentor: $600 (17.5%) = $105
  • VIP: $1800 (20%) = $360
  • Diamond: $3000 (20%) = $600

When your newly enrolled associate purchases Gokit of $400, which will give Builder status to that new associate and you will receive a $60 bonus (15% of the price).

2. Sales Volume Bonus

This income is mentioned in APLGO compensation plan, but not explained in the latest marketing material.

3. Customer Bonus

When your customer purchases any APLGO product by your associate ID no. then you earn 30% of the purchase value as a bonus and the remaining 70% purchase value is added to your PV either for GoStatus upgrade or in personal activity as per your choice.

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4. Reorder Bonus

Same as sales volume bonus, it is not explained in marketing material.

5. Group Bonus

Associates can earn between 10% to 30% group bonus depending on their GoStatus. Group Bonus is provided only on GV-wise smaller legs.

GoStatusGroup Bonus %

For Instance, if your smaller pay leg has 1920 GV and you are at VIP GoStatus then you get 30% commission on it.

6. Matching Group Bonus

This bonus is calculated from the personally enrolled associate’s Group Bonus and the qualification associate has.


For instance, if you are a Director then you will get Matching Group Bonus from the personally enrolled associate till 3 levels deep. 20%, 10% and 8% of Group Bonus of 3 levels deep downline will be the final bonus.

7. Unilevel Bonus

Unilevel bonus is given on up to 5 levels deep downline. A fixed percent on PV of different downline levels is rewarded under this income.

  • Level 1: 5%
  • Level 2: 6%
  • Level 3: 7%
  • Level 4: 8%
  • Level 5: 9%
  • Level 6: 10%

Unilevel bonus percent varies according to downline level.

8. Lifestyle Bonus

This bonus is paid monthly.

Associate receive a 5% of the average group bonus for 12 months (max $300 per month)

To get this income Associate must have to generate 40 PV each month.

9. Activity Bonus

When you and your personally enrolled associates’ personal activity is not less than 40 PV for 12 months consecutively then you will get this bonus of $10 for the next 12 months.

10. Infinity Bonus

APLGO divided 5% of the total volume of the organization’s activity between the Director, International Director, and Premiere Director.

  • Director: 1%
  • International Director: 1.5%
  • Premiere Director: 2.5%

The total volume of the associate’s organization is used to calculate this bonus.

11. Entertainment Bonus

When an associate reaches National Director or above status then a fixed amount is rewarded.

  • National Director: $1,000
  • International Director: $2,000
  • Premiere Director: $3,000

12. Manager Bonus

Manager Bonus is for associating with VIP and Diamond GoStatus. We don’t have enough information to describe it.

13. Luxury Bonus

This Bonus is only for those associates who reached Ambassador or above status (with VIP GoStatus), they get to travel, cash, jewelry, and real estate as rewards.

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To Be Concluded

Here we end with the compensation plan of APLGO. Now let us answer the most asked questions related to APLGO.

Is APLGO a Scam?

APLGO is a nutrition and beauty products-based network marketing company. As per the compensation plan, distributors get a commission on personal and downline product sales.

Network marketing is a legal business, hence APLGO is a legal entity in most countries if it follows regulatory guidelines.

APLGO highly focuses more on recruitment practice and not on retail sales.

In November 2021, APLGO received a warning in Vietnam for illegal MLM activities.

APLGO is a new company in the USA and has the most participants from Russia.

Overpriced Products & Complex Incomes

APLGO’s Facial Toner has a retail price of $125. Like this, most APLGO products are extremely expensive for end customers. Overpriced product is a common characteristic of most MLM companies. But APLGO products are not for ordinary people and hence it becomes difficult to succeed in MLM.

First of all, there is no URL to the compensation plan file on APLGO’s official public website and the compensation plan is extremely complicated to understand.

Out of the total incomes mentioned, a few incomes are not explained in marketing material.

APLGO have 3 different types of customers and 2 types of ranks (Qualification & GoStatus) which brings more confusion. APLGO has messed up things and unnecessarily made plan complicated, while income can be described in shorter and better ways.

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