PHLPost Text Messages Scam Exposed!

PHLPost text message scam

Recently, there has been a new scam going around the market using text messages purporting to be from PHLPost, the Philippine government-owned postal service. Scammers are preying on people’s sensitive information.

PHLPost official website

As a result, we will examine this scam operating under the name PHLPost in this post and provide advice on how to avoid it.

What is PHLPost Text Scam?

People have been receiving texts lately purporting to be from PHLPost, also known as the Philippines Postal Corporations, informing them that their package was not delivered and that they would need to resubmit their address for a new delivery.

PHLPost scam text

It is important to inform readers that these texts are not from PHLPost; rather, they are scammers who are preying on people who are awaiting packages from PHLPost. Scam texts like this have also been sent to people who aren’t even expecting packages.

The con artists ask for the details of their payment cards once the potential victims of this scam fill out their addresses to start the redelivery process.

At this point, the fraud begins because the con artists take large amounts of money from the victims’ accounts and break off communication as soon as the victims give them their payment card information.

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How To Identify This Scam?

You can spot the scam texts that appear to be from PHLPost by looking for a few telltale signs. Verifying the area code of the text message from which it is originating is the first and most crucial red flag to search for.

The majority of scammers are not from the Philippines, hence area codes from other nations can be included in the scam texts. So, you should always verify the area code of the SMS received from PHLPost. If the area code is from the Philippines, it may be legitimate.

Additionally, make sure to always read the substance of those texts because scammers just seek to obtain your financial information by any means possible, while official organizations always disclose the complete context of any issue.

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What To Do?

If a text message purporting to be from PHLPost has any of these warning signs, you should immediately disregard it and avoid giving scammers any information at all.

To enable the authorities to take appropriate action against con artists, you should also report these text messages to [email protected], if at all possible.

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