Blockchain Sports Review: Infamous Ponzi Reboot?

Blockchain sports review

The general public currently views Blockchain Sports, a recently established NFT and sports-related company, with skepticism for some reasons, including its business strategy and stance in the market.

This piece will address the reasons why the general public’s worries about Blockchain Sports have begun to arise.

What is Blockchain Sports?

Blockchain Sports purports to be a company that integrates blockchain technology into the sports sector. It states that its goal is to establish a cutting-edge ecosystem that can accelerate sports careers, aspirations, and enjoyment.

Blockchain Sports home page

Additionally, it states that by providing athletes, coaches, sports organizations, and spectators access to information essential to furthering their careers, the BCS ecosystem will be a reliable tool.

It operates on the internet from a website known as and according to SimilarWeb, the total visits on its website are 9K+ with the top countries reaching Uruguay (23%), Norway (22%), and Brazil (11%).

Furthermore, according to WHOIS, the domain was last changed in October 2023. Dmitry Saksonov is the founder of Blockchain Sports, which has its main office in Mahe, Seychelles.

Blockchain Sports CEO

The assertions made by Blockchain Sports that blockchain technology will transform the sports sector are highly unclear, and the company’s business model and prior history give rise to more doubts about the enterprise.

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Blockchain Sports History

The Blockchain Sports NFT platform was recently presented at an event in Dubai. However, several MLM experts have accused Blockchain Sports of being unveiled by people who ran prior Ponzi schemes.

Blockchain Sports is being accused of being a relaunch of the Ponzi scheme Daisy, which failed three times in the past. This is also indicated by its business model.

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Blockchain Sports Services

It’s still unclear how Blockchain Sports plans to fulfill its promise to be a reliable tool for everyone involved in the sports industry. Many of the services are listed as “soon” on the website and have not yet been made public.

The unclear claims made regarding the services and the lack of clarity around them cast doubt on the organization’s authenticity. Considering its compensation plan and business model, it seems to be another Ponzi scheme promising big returns.

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It is hard to say much about Blockchain Sports despite allegations and public mistrust since its success in the future will determine whether it is trustworthy or not. You may choose to utilize or not use its services, but you do so at your own risk.

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