Seacret Direct Review: Opportunity or Another MLM Scam?

Seacret Direct Review

This post is going to be an unbiased review of Seacret Direct, a company dealing in a range of personal care and skin care products.  

We are going to share an explanation of Seacret Direct including details about products and the MLM compensation plan. At last, we are going to answer the question, Should I join Seacret Direct?

So let’s jump on it.

Seacret Direct
FounderIzak Ben Shabat
When Started2011
Head OfficePhoenix, AZ
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsPersonal Care & Skincare
Joining Cost$49

What is Seacret Direct?

Dead Sea Premium business was launched in 2005 and officially launched as Seacret Direct MLM Company in mid-2011. While promotion material says, Seacret Direct is started in 2001.

Seacret Direct begins its operations out of Arizona, US.

Izhak Ben Shabat (below) is the CEO of Seacret Direct whereas his older brother Moty Ben Shabat is the Managing Partner.

Izhak Ben Shabat

The company initially deal with skincare products claimed to be containing minerals from the Dead Sea. Gradually the company started dealing in other personal care and nutritional products.

On November 12th, 2020, WorldVentures was acquired by Seacret Direct. WorldVentures is a lifestyle company that markets travel-related products branded as DreamTrips.

As per the business plan of Seacret Direct, there are mainly 5 types of users included: Retail Customers, VIP Customers, Elite Customers, Host and Agents.

Affiliates/Direct Sellers are known as Active Agents.

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Joining Seacret Direct

The annual affiliate membership fee is $49 to join Seacret Direct.

Joining Seacret Direct

While there is a minimum purchase requirement of Seacret Direct’s products to start the business with it, the minimum purchase varies as per country.

Individuals can become agents of Seacret Direct by going through its official website

Seacret Direct Products

Seacret Direct Products range from skincare products to apparel including body care, facial care, age-defying, hair care, and nutritional products.

Seacret Direct Products

The products are available in the listed countries.

  • United States
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Mexico
  • Vietnam

A few of the products are available to a few countries only.

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Seacret Direct Affiliate Ranks

There are mainly 14 affiliate ranks in the Seacret Direct Compensation Plan.

Note that, GV stands for Group Volume which is a combination of volume generated by affiliates and their downline members.

StarRecruit at least 2 MLM commission-qualified affiliates
SuperstarGenerate at least 300 GV or generate at least 4 VIP or Elite retail customers and at least 2 Superstar affiliates
ExecutiveMaintain at least 1000 GV on both binary legs
BronzeMaintain at least 2000 GV on both binary legs
RoyaleMaintain at least 5000 GV on both binary legs and recruit at least 2 Star ranked affiliates
SilverMaintain at least 8000 GV on both binary legs and recruit at least 2 Superstar ranked affiliates
GoldMaintain at least 14000 GV on both binary legs and recruit at least 2 Bronze ranked affiliates
PlatinumMaintain at least 20,000 GV on both binary legs and recruit at least 2 Bronze ranked affiliates
RubyMaintain at least 40,000 GV on both binary legs and recruit at least 2 Silver ranked affiliates
DiamondMaintain at least 80,000 GV on both binary legs and recruit at least 2 Gold-ranked affiliates
Blue DiamondMaintain at least 2,00,000 GV on both binary legs and recruit at least 2 Platinum ranked affiliates
Red DiamondMaintain at least 4,00,000 GV on both binary legs and recruit at least 2 Ruby ranked affiliates
CrownMaintain at least 8,00,000 GV on both binary legs and recruit at least 2 Diamond ranked affiliates
Crown RoyaleMaintain at least 2,000,000 GV on both binary legs and recruit at least 2 Blue Diamond ranked affiliates

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Seacret Direct Compensation Plan

There are mainly 5 types of incomes in the Seacret Direct Compensation Plan: Retail Commission, WOW Bonus, Team Commission, Leadership Check Match Bonus and Performance Bonuses.  

Retail Commission

One of the easiest ways of earning is by selling Seacret Direct products to retail customers. The commission can be earned by submitting the order forms or by replicating on the Seacret website regarding your sales.

Seacret Direct provides products to Affiliates at a lower price called Agent Price. By selling products at retail prices, Affiliates can earn this commission.

WOW Bonus

WOW Bonus is paid to the Active Agents and is calculated on the VIP or Elite customers’ orders.

It is paid as a bonus of 20% to 25% on all the VIP or Elite purchases. 20% is for the Star to Executive Agents, 25% is for Bronze and above agents.

A 30% bonus is also paid for the first-time bundle order.

Team Commissions

This allows an affiliate to earn commission based on the performance of the entire team.

Team Commission is generated when the lesser volume leg is equal to 1/3 and the greater volume leg is equal to 2/3 of the total team volume. When this happens, 10-15% of the lesser leg’s volume is paid as Team Commission. Team commissions are paid infinitely up to $25,000 weekly on the entire teamwork.

Leadership Check Match Bonus

Bronze and above-ranked affiliates get qualified to receive Leadership Check Match Bonus. When any affiliate helps other affiliates to achieve success or Bronze rank, he is paid this bonus. Up to 20% can be earned on the Team Commission by the affiliate and till four generations.

GenerationBronzeRoyaleSilverGoldPlatinumRubyDiamondBlue DiamondRed DiamondCrownCrown Royale
2–  –10%10%10%10%10%10%10%10%10%
3 – – – –10%10%10%10%10%10%10%
4–  ––  – – –10%10%10%10%10%

Performance Bonuses

There are different performance bonuses depending on the sales made and the rank achieved.

Global VIP and Elite Customer Pool

The Global VIP and Elite Customer Pool comprises 2% of the total sales made to VIP and Elite customers. The Agents can earn shares in this pool where each share equals a monthly payout.

Fast Start Bonus

The Fast Start Bonus is paid as an incentive to encourage the sales of Starter Set to the Agents. If any Agent under your guidance purchases Starter Set, you receive a Fast Start Bonus.

Superstar Builder Bonus

This $100 incentive is paid to encourage the Agents to achieve the rank of Superstar within the first 28 days.

Rank Advancement Bonus

The bonus is paid as per rank achieved. Once you reach the rank of Star Agent, you become eligible for the Rank Advancement Bonus. With the increase in ranks, the bonus also increases.

Drive Your Dreams Bonus (DYD)

The Royale rank and above Agents are paid the Drive Your Dream Bonus every 4 weeks. This bonus ranges from $500 for Royale rank to $6000 for Crown Royale.  

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To Be Concluded

This was all about the compensation plan of Seacret Direct. It seems a lucrative opportunity as it has many types of income and bonuses.

But people are sceptical about the legality of Seacret Direct and stuck on the question, should I join it or not.

Is It Pyramid Scheme?

Seacret Direct is registered as a legal entity in the USA and other countries. It has annual revenue of $300 Million and operating for more than the past 16 years.

As the commission is primarily based on product sales, Seacret Direct is not a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme.

Agents have to buy and promote Seacret Direct products to downlines and customers. There is different starting cost in countries where Seacret Direct operates.

Expensive Products

The major drawback of Seacret Direct is extremely expensive products. For a face wash, customers need to pay $29, which is almost double the price compared to the retail market. This issue is common with most direct selling companies and hence, distributors need to have extra ordinary skills to succeed in MLM.

While Agents need to make a large purchase and downline sales to achieve certain ranks, with these overpriced products rank promotion becomes tougher.

Should I Join Seacret Direct?

We have seen that most people fail in MLM, and as a result, the answer to this question is totally on you. Agents of Seacret Direct needs to make regular product purchase and expand the team to earn commissions.

It can take up to 2 to 3 years to build a stable downline and customers who make regular purchases. While the success rate of MLM is also way too less and MLM has a bad reputation.

Lastly, we would recommend not becoming part of it under anyone’s influence. Instead, understand the incomes from evaluating compensation plans and use products personally to know the quality, then only take a decision, as you will need to spend lots of money and time to work in an MLM company like Seacret Direct.

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