Tarsier Pharma Text Messages: Legit or Scam?

tarsier pharma scam

Many people are getting SMS messages from a company called Tarsier Pharma offering them jobs.

In this post, we will investigate all these job offers and let you know if they are legit or not.

What is Tarsier Pharma?

Tarsier Pharma is a big pharmaceutical company that develops treatments for autoimmune and inflammatory ocular diseases. Israel’s Haifa serves as its administrative center.

tarsier pharma

People have been suspicious of the text messages after receiving several job offers from Tarsier Pharma because there have been several warning signs noted in the text messages, including downloading third-party apps, providing personal data, and conversations regarding payment.

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Tarsier Pharma Text Messages Review

Text messages sent on behalf of Tarsier Pharma include a link instructing recipients to use a messaging app to arrange an appointment with recruiters. We must inform you that no organization employs this method of hiring because it is unethical.

These texts are being sent by some con artists to trick people after obtaining their personal information and have no connection to Tarsier Pharma. In interviews and text messages, they appear professional, but in reality, they are not.

Our research indicates that these messages are sent by con artists to obtain your personal information and put you at risk of fraud. Because your personal information is so important, you run the risk of harm if you follow the instructions in these texts blindly.

In addition a result, the psychology behind these scams is that con artists use the desperate search for employment among the unemployed amid rising prices as a tool to deceive sizable populations.

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How to identify the Tarsier Pharma scam?

Anybody who approaches you via text messages and appeals to you to provide personal information is a clear scam and has no relation with Tarsier Pharma.

Is Tarsier Pharma legit?

Yes, Tarsier Pharma is a completely legitimate company.

From where Tarsier Pharma is operating?

Tarsier Pharma is operating from Israel.

What to do if I received a text from Tarsier Pharma about fraudulent job offers?

First of all, do not follow all the instructions described in the text message, and avoid giving them your personal information.

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