Test Products Now Review: Legit or Scam?

testproductsnow.com review

We will examine Testproductsnow.com in this post to see if it serves as a reliable platform for Amazon Product Testers.

It’s crucial to do extensive research and read reviews written by people who have used Testproductsnow.com before taking the plunge.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re interested in joining Testproductsnow.com. Let’s delve into the details and determine if Testproductsnow.com is worth considering.

What is Testproductsnow.com?

Testproductsnow.com is a website that claims to offer opportunities for individuals to work as Amazon Product Testers.

According to their website, they provide free products to testers in exchange for their honest feedback and reviews. The process seems straightforward: you sign up, select products you’re interested in, receive them for testing, and then share your opinions.

According to SimilarWeb, it has negligible visitors on site. They promise to pay $750 per review for every Amazon product.

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Website Profile

Known asProducts Offered
Site typeEarning Website
Service OfferedProduct Tester Job
Domain registration dateApril 20, 2023
AddressNot Available
Contact e-mailNot Available

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Testproductsnow.com Review

Testproductsnow.com is a fraudulent website that falsely claims to offer opportunities to become an Amazon Product Tester. They lure individuals in with promises of earning $750 for submitting online reviews of Amazon products.

However, upon visiting the website and clicking “Apply Now,” users are redirected to another survey site called Rewardsgiantusa.com. This is a red flag indicating that Testproductsnow.com is not an authentic Amazon job site.

Here are some red flags associated with Testproductsnow.com:

  • False earnings claim: Misleading promise of earning $750 for reviews.
  • Misleading redirection: Users are redirected to another survey website.
  • Agreement to receive spam emails: Unknowingly consenting to receive marketing emails.
  • Collection of personal information: Request for sensitive details that could be misused.
  • Non-existent payment: No compensation was received despite completing the process.
  • No sensitive information available: It has no information about policies, owners, and contact details.

It is crucial to be cautious when encountering websites like TestProductsNow.com and to thoroughly research their legitimacy before providing any personal information or engaging in their activities.

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Is Testproductsnow.com a legit website?

No, it is a fraudulent website.

Does Testproductsnow.com really provide Job?

No, it does not provide any real job.

How much does Testproductsnow.com offers to pay for reviews?

It offers to pay $750 per review.

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