Jan Gregory Biography, Scam History and Net Worth

jan gregory

In the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Jan Gregory has emerged as a prominent figure. As the founder of CoinMarketBull and CloudFi, he has made significant contributions to the industry, but not in the right ways.

This post provides information about Jan Gregory’s net worth and his journey in Crypto World.

Jan Gregory Biography

Jan Gregory, also known as Jan Strzepka or Jan Gregory Cerato, is a Canadian national who has been involved in various fraudulent activities, particularly in the realm of the Ponzi schemes.

Jan Gregory, originally from, gained notoriety after being slapped with a $165,000 securities fraud judgment by the Alberta Securities Commission in late 2022.

Fleeing Canada for Dubai, Gregory embarked on a series of fraudulent ventures, including Maxpread Technologies, CoinMarketBull, and Vortic United.

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Jan Gregory Scams

Maxpread Technologies, initially fronted by Albert Ignatev, a Dubai-based Russian national, encountered difficulties due to Ignatev’s poor English.

Jan Gregory then emerged as the CEO of Maxpread Technologies. However, on May 30th, Gregory informed investors of his decision to abandon the company.

CoinMarketBull, another venture associated with Jan Gregory, has also faced issues. CoinMarketBull collapsed on May 30th, 2023.

Jan Gregory has been linked to the EmpiresX Ponzi scheme, which defrauded investors of millions of dollars. Two administrators of EmpiresX were indicted on criminal charges in July 2022 and faced legal action from the SEC and CFTC.

Gregory briefly ran his own Ponzi scheme in Canada, defrauding at least $200,000 from 16 investors.

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Jan Gregory Death Threat to BehindMLM

In a disturbing turn of events, Jan Gregory issued a public death threat against, the admin of BehindMLM, a platform known for its investigative reporting on frauds.

Gregory uploaded a video to his personal YouTube account on June 22nd, 2023, showing him firing a weapon at a range.

The video’s title, “Jan Gregory sharpening his skills for the future encounter with the owner of #BehindMLM,”

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Jan Gregory’s Net Worth

Jan Gregory’s net worth is not publicly available information. Given his involvement in fraudulent activities and Ponzi schemes, it is difficult to ascertain his true financial standing.

However, it can be considered that he has done some million dollars scams and his net worth is also in the millions.

Jan Gregory is a scammer, we advised users to stay away from the schemes and companies which has the involvement of Jan Gregory.

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