Unicorn Ultra Review: Legit or Another Scam?


Another DeFi company named Unicorn Ultra has entered the market with claims of creating a new type of decentralized ecosystem and giving 49% profit to its investors.

In this post, we will review Unicorn Ultra thoroughly and suggest to you whether invest in it or not.

Unicorn Ultra
FounderTrung Trang (Black Sun) Nguyen
When Started2022
Head OfficeVietnam
Opportunity TypeCrypto-MLM
Joining Cost$100

What is Unicorn Ultra?

Unicorn Ultra is a blockchain platform designed based on the builder venture model that enables creators and developers to earn money by creating potential future projects in a decentralized future.


The founder of Unicorn Ultra is Trung Trang (Black Sun) Nguyen. The headquarters of this company is located in Vietnam.

Currently, they are operating from 2 domains. According to SimilarWeb, the total visits on their main domain Uniultra.xyz is 7k+.

According to WHOIS, both their domains were registered on December 2022.

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Unicorn Ultra Joining Process

To join Unicorn Ultra, you have to sign up through your email address on their platform and buy U2U tokens to participate in their affiliate program.

You have to buy U2U tokens worth $100 to participate in its affiliate program.

Unicorn Ultra Products

Unicorn Ultra Products

Apart from their own cryptocurrency U2U token, Unicorn Ultra offers a bunch of different DeFi services and products on their platform such as:

  • U2U Wallet
  • U2U Chat
  • U2U DL
  • U2U Academy
  • U2U Exchange
  • U2U Swap
  • U2U NFT
  • U2U Music

Most of these products are not functional yet and there is no confirmed date regarding it.

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Unicorn Ultra Income plan

There are two ways to earn money in Unicorn Ultra:

1. Vesting Pool

The company has created a vesting pool in which you have to place your U2U tokens and lock them for 6 months. After that, you’ll receive passive returns from the vesting pool that range from 5% to 20% of profits.

2. Affiliate Program

You can also earn revenue from referring the Unicorn Ultra to new users. There are 4 affiliate ranks in Unicorn Ultra their requirements are:

  • The Face: Sign up on Unicorn Ultra and invest $100 in U2U tokens.
  • Friend of the House: Invest $1000 in U2U tokens and recruit 3 The Face.
  • Brand Ambassador: Invest $3000 in U2U tokens and recruit 5 Friends of the house.
  • Brand Spokesperson: Invest $5000 in U2U tokens and recruit 5 Brand Ambassadors.

There are 3 types of commission in the affiliate program for all ranks:

A. Initial Referral Commission: This commission has a cap on it and pays out a percentage of the downline income up to three levels of downlines.

RanksLevel 1 Cap – $10kLevel 2 Cap – $20kLevel 3 Cap – $30k
The face7%5%1%
Friend of the House7%5%1%
Brand Ambassadors7%5%1%
Brand Spokespersons7%5%1%

B. Leader Referral Commission: After you surpassed your cap in initial referral commission, your revenue will be determined according to the leader referral commission.

RanksLevel 1Level 2Level 3
The face3%3%3%
Friend of the House5%2%2%
Brand Ambassadors7%2%2%
Brand Spokespersons9%2%2%

C. Community Partner Commission: In this commission program you can earn an additional 6% on your downline income, the requirements for this commission program are:

  • Have a rank of Brand spokespersons
  • Generate $20,000 from the downline income.

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Unicorn Ultra Review

After examining this Unicorn Ultra and its compensation plan thoroughly, we discovered several red flags in this company. Let’s take a look at it:

Founders are Hiding

When we conducted our research on the company’s founder, Trung Trang.

We discovered that he has not yet publicly introduced himself to the company’s users or anyone else. Even though the company has been operating for months, it is extremely suspicious that neither the founders nor the operators have made any public appearances.

Unicorn Ultra Founder

When we visited the founder’s social media pages, we saw that neither a photo nor much activity was displayed. The founder of every legitimate business typically uses social media to advertise it, but in this instance, that wasn’t the case.

Maybe the name was selected solely to fool people into thinking this company had a real founder. These things make its users and target audience very suspicious.

No Locality

There is not a single piece of information related to this company’s headquarters or where it is registered; on their social media profiles, they just state that they are based in Vietnam, without providing a precise address.

These are the characteristics we should also check for in a company to determine whether it is legitimate or not because a company that seeks investments from the general public must be registered somewhere and be subject to regulation from relevant authorities.

Lock Your Real Money

The prime agenda of Unicron Ultra is to get real money from investors and lock their money by promising high returns.

We have seen such schemes in the past such as Hyperverse and Hyperfund, which disable withdrawal when investment maturity periods arrive.

As Unicorn Ultra is not regulated, government agencies can’t help investors to get their money back.

False Claims

There are two sides to this business: an MLM side and a DeFi platform side. It’s odd that they haven’t revealed much of their DeFi side or haven’t provided many facts about it, such as how creators and developers will work on it or how it would alter the course of events.

This only points to one conclusion: They only introduced their DeFi side to fool people into falling into their trap. Their only form of operation is the MLM side, where they perform affiliate marketing fraud.

Money Circulation Fraud

We discovered that it is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme after looking at its main business model and compensation plan. In this type of scheme, a significant amount of money is circulated inside the business.


The senior executives and founders benefit significantly from this type of scheme, while the users and general public receive nothing.

Should I invest in Unicorn Ultra?

No, investing in Unicorn Ultra will be a dumb decision for anyone who is expecting guaranteed high returns from it.

Unicron Ultra is tactically designed to hold investors’ money for a long time, a referral program to spread it exponentially and make people believe in them by paying early investors.

Later, it will disable payout for investors and most of the people will lose their money.

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