CloudFi Collapse! How to Withdraw Investment?

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CloudFi Withdrawal News Today: We have warned users in our CloudFi Review to stay away from such Ponzi schemes.

One suspected scheme, CloudFi has collapsed. CloudFi has restricted the withdrawals.

In this post, we will provide updates regarding the collapse of CloudFi and offer guidance to those affected by the recent CloudFi withdrawal issues.

CloudFi Collapse!

CloudFi positioned itself as a revolutionary investment opportunity, touting cloud-based financial innovations that were purportedly set to revolutionize the industry.

Offering impressive returns to early investors, the scheme enticed a steady stream of unsuspecting individuals seeking to make a quick buck.

CloudFi Collapse

CloudFi’s downfall became evident when the company announced withdrawal restrictions, limiting investors to only withdraw funds on Sundays.

This sudden change was announced on August 11th, causing concern among affiliates. On the following Sunday, investors were allowed to submit withdrawal requests, but as of August 17th, none of these requests have been honored.

CloudFi abruptly abandoned its Telegram group after the withdrawal restriction announcement.

Days before the withdrawal restrictions, CloudFi received a securities refrain and desist order from California’s Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) on August 9th.

The DFPI identified CloudFi as a fraudulent investment scheme and named Jan Gregory, a Canadian national, as the CEO.

Jan Gregory, the alleged mastermind behind CloudFi, has a history of involvement in Ponzi schemes. We have warned users in our Jan Gregory biography post to stay away from the platforms he is involved.

The collapse of CloudFi is not an isolated incident, as two other Ponzi schemes mentioned in the DFPI press release, Vortic United and CoinMarketBull, have also collapsed.

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How to Withdraw Money?

As the CloudFi scheme continues to crumble, it has become evident that withdrawals seem possible.

Although the official website remains active, users have been unable to access any funds since 11 August.

This glaring disparity, with deposits still being accepted while withdrawals are restricted, strongly indicates the presence of a potential scam.

cloudfi withdrawal issue

If you have suffered any financial losses due to CloudFi or a similar Ponzi scheme, it is recommended that you consider filing a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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