Crowd1 Honest Review: Opportunity or MLM Scam?

crowd1 review

As per, Crowd1 is an MLM company that allows people to join, purchase products, recommend to others and grow the crowd.

The company claims to help people to earn along with fulfilling the requirements of their products. It allows people to join the digital economy and claim to provide quality education to them.

In this post, we will discuss What is Crowd1, Its Products, Crowd1 Compensation Plan followed by the Crowd1 Review.

So let’s start with the beginning.

FounderJonas Werner, Johan Stael Von Holstein
When Started2019
Head OfficeUAE
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsGaming, Travel, Lifestyle & Education
Joining Cost€109

What is Crowd1?

Crowd1 was started in 2019 under the ownership of Jonas Werner and Johan Stael Von Holstein as the CEO of the company.

crowd1 Jonas Werner and Johan Stael Von Holstein

Crowd1 is located in UAE.

There are three ways to join Crowd1: as a member, as a customer and as an entrepreneur.  

On the 7th July Crowd1’s blog announced a partnership of Crowd1 with LifeTrends, SAfer and Tribute.

LifeTRENDS is a travel booking portal, SAfer sells the personal security mobile app, whereas Tribute markets various things on its website.

There are 7 Crowd1 Affiliates Ranks, stated as Team Leader, Coordinator, Manager, Director, President, Senior President, and Ambassador.

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Joining Corwd1

It is a simple process to join Crowd1. One has to register on the official site and select one of the following joining packages.

There are 4 packages offered to the people to become affiliates.

  1. White Package (€109)
  2. Black Package (€299)
  3. Gold Package (€799)
  4. Titanium Package (€2499)

All the packages offer 4 benefits including Miggster membership, Mindoe membership, Life TRENDS benefits, and Loyalty Points. The benefits increase with each higher package from white to titanium.

As soon as a person joins as an affiliate and selects the package, the Fear Of Loss Bonus is given.

It is a 14-day quick motivational bonus provided to the newly joined affiliates on referring 4 active members.

  • 4 White Package Members = Euro 125
  • 4 Black Package Members = Euro 375
  • 4 Gold Package Members = Euro 1000
  • 4 Titanium Package Members = Euro 3000

This opportunity is only provided for 14 days to the new affiliates.

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Crowd1 Products

As per the company, Crowd1 Products are categorized into 4 categories: Gaming, Travel, Lifestyle and Education.

crowd1 products

The Gaming category includes Miggster, the Travel category include LifeTRENDS and LifeTRENDS Platinum, the LifeStyle category includes Tribute and CROWD magazine whereas lastly, the education category includes Mindoe courses.

In this post, BP stands for Business Points that refer to points associated with every product offered to affiliates on purchasing it. These points can later be converted to a withdrawable amount.

A certain part of points can be withdrawn through the Crowd1 wallet whereas the rest can be converted to gift coupons and gift cards.

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Crowd1 Compensation Plan

There are mainly 6 types of earnings as per the Crowd1 Compensation Plan:

  1. Education Package Sales Bonus
  2. Matching Bonus
  3. Fear of Loss Bonus
  4. Recurring income from Third Party Companies
  5. Customer Sales Bonus
  6. Activity User Pool

Out of these, we understood the Fear of Loss Bonus in the Crowd1 Joining section and the rest will discuss below.

Education Package Sales Bonus

This bonus follows a binary structure. Whenever any affiliate referred by you purchase any education package, he or she can be added to the binary team.

Every education package has associated BP that can be added to your account. The BP added to the account depend on the type of package sold to the whole team.

PackagePackage PriceBP

Matching Bonus

The Matching Bonus is calculated on the Education Packages that your personally recruited affiliate sells.

  • White Package with Education Package sold to 4 affiliates result in 10% Matching Bonus.
  • Black Package with Education Package sold to 8 affiliates result in 10% Matching Bonus with 10% Education Package Sales Bonus on their personally recruited affiliates (up to 2 levels).
  • Black Package with Education Package sold to 12 affiliates result in 10% Matching Bonus with 10% Education Package Sales Bonus on both, their personally recruited affiliates as well as downline affiliates (up to 3 levels).
  • Gold Package with Education Package sold to 16 affiliates result in 10% Matching Bonus with 10% Education Package Sales Bonus on both, their personally recruited affiliates as well as downline affiliates (up to 4 levels).
  • Titanium Package with Education Package sold to 20 affiliates result in 10% Matching Bonus with 10% Education Package Sales Bonus on both, their personally recruited affiliates as well as downline affiliates (up to 5 levels).

Recurring Income from Third Party Companies

The recurring income is earned depending on the affiliate network level from 1 to 15 levels.

For each level, there will be a fixed income equally divided among all affiliates on the same level.

Customer Sales Bonus

Every product sold by the affiliate result in the Customer Sales Bonus. The percentage of the bonus varies for every product depending on the third-party margin.

Activity User Pool

The affiliates gain part or parts in the pool with their purchases. All the commission earned with product sales is collected in the pool that is further divided among the affiliates depending on their part or parts in the pool.

This User Pool is calculated every quarterly.

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Crowd1 Honest Review

Till now we discussed Crowd1’s profile, its joining procedure, products, and lastly Crowd1 compensation plan.

With all the collected data, we found some suspicious points that need to be discussed.

Bogus Product Packages

Crowd1 packages range from €109 to €2499, which is an absolute waste of money. These packages are dummy products to bring money from affiliates.

All these packages mainly consist of online services which are not worth to cost and people have to purchase them to become a member of Crowd1.

Ponzi Scheme Plan

Crowd1 is promoted as an MLM company, but its compensation plan and packages are enough to understand, Crowd1 is a PONZI SCHEME and we know it, MLM scams grow faster than legal opportunities.

Crowd1 is luring affiliates by paying heavy commissions on recruitment and pretending as a legal MLM using dummy products by partnering with some crap online service providers.

Crowd1 is doing money-circulation where early members are paid through the money of new members. This cycle will be continued until Crowd1’s pocket gets heavily filled and then gradually it will shut down like most Ponzi and Pyramid schemes do.

Regulators Warninings

Regulators of various nations have already launched a warning against Crowd1.

Authority of different nations considered Crowd1 as security fraud and issued warnings against it, Includes South Africa, Philippines, Norway, Mauritius, Nambia, Gabon, Vietnam, etc.

Nasty Operators History

Crowd1 operators are old players of doing MLM scams. Earlier around 2010, they operated a fraud scheme named Spinglo/Synkronice targeting European nations which got flopped.

But this time, they captured millions of people in their fraudulent scheme Crowd1. These two Swedish scammers are looting Asian countries which are easy targets of most MLM Scams.

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