iGenius Review: Legit or Another MLM Scam?

igenius review

Quick Facts

  • iGenius, formerly Kuvera, is associated with a parent company that has a history of illegal activities related to forex and binary options.
  • Within a year of operation, Kuvera stopped claimed returns to investors.
  • The new scheme iGenius is promoting its token NDAU to investors using MLM.

This post is a review of iGenius, which claims to help people to learn new things, bring changes and live smartly. It also focuses on making appropriate investments.

Apart from the investment opportunities, iGenius also provides referral earning opportunities.

So let’s take deep dive into it and understand, that iGenius Crypto MLM is a Legit Opportunity or another Cryptocurrency MLM Scam.

FounderChad Garner
When Started2020
Head OfficeKaysville, Northern Ireland
Opportunity TypeCrypto MLM
ProductsMemberships, Educational Courses
Joining Cost$99.99

What is iGenius?

Investview is the parent company of iGenius and it claims to provide an ecosystem that includes financial tools and technologies, research and services.

Chad Garner runs iGenius and its headquarter is located in Northern Ireland.


Earlier iGenius was Kuvera Global and the official website of Kuvera is redirected to iGenius now.

iGenius provides multiple opportunities such as MONEYpro, University, FOREXthrive, CRYPTOcore, LEARNlive and EQUITYprime.


As per the company:

  • MONEYpro helps to manage your financial activities.
  • University helps to learn and get trained for forex, equity, and crypto markets.
  • LEARNlive helps to join live market sessions by experts.
  • FOREXthrive again helps with forex education and research.
  • EQUITYprime is for a better understanding of the equity market.
  • CRYPTOcore helps to deal easily in cryptocurrencies.

iGenius also claims to offer lifestyle benefits such as TRAVELpro and WALLETpro.

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Joining iGenius

It is easy to join iGenius and anyone can join by registering. The iGenius membership is available in four different tiers.

Tier NameOne Time FeeMonthly Fee

It is required to have Elite membership to receive all the benefits of iGenius incomes.

Every tier has its unique core benefits as well as different benefits of WALLETpro and TRAVELpro.

In this post, GV stands for Group Volume i.e. sales volume from the payment of affiliate fees. Whereas PV stands for Personal Volume i.e. membership fee volume generated by personal recruitment.

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iGenius Products

There are no products or services for the retail sales instead affiliates can sell membership themselves.

The membership helps to access financial and crypto material as well as travel booking discounts.

iGenius have an online Shopify store that serves only in North America and Europe. This store sell jackets, tank tops, t-shirt and hats for men and women.

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iGenius Investment Plan

There are mainly two investment opportunities: NDAU and Crypto Elite


NDAU is a token of InvestView, the parent company.

NDAU is offered to the iGenius affiliates at $1000 spent through any of the following 2 packages.

Package 1: 3-month package pricing NDAU at 10% of current public trading value. Here NDAU is locked for 3 months with payment of a 5% annual compounded rate. After 3 months it drops to 4%.

Package 2: 3-year package where NDAU is locked for 3 years. Here the return is paid as 15% annually compounded rate.


It is a cryptocurrency investment opportunity. The iGenius affiliates need to invest $1000 or more through the CryptoElite trading bot.

iGenius affiliates other than the Elite tier are charged 15% whereas Elite tier affiliates are charged 10%.

The compensation rules suggest that only Elite affiliates can access CryptoElite.

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iGenius Affiliate Ranks

There are 14 iGenius Affiliate ranks as per the compensation plan.

RankRequirementGV Requirement per month
AffiliateSign up as an affiliate and pay membership fees –
InfluencerRecruit 2 affiliates –
ExecutiveMaintain 2 personally recruited affiliates1000 GV
Platinum ExecutiveMaintain 2 personally recruited affiliates2000 GV
Global ExecutiveRecruit 4 affiliates5000 GV
Diamond ExecutiveMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates10,000 GV
AmbassadorMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates25000 GV
Platinum AmbassadorMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates50,000 GV
Diamond AmbassadorMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates1,00,000 GV
Presidential AmbassadorMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates2,50,000 GV
CrownMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates with 2 of them being Presidential Ambassador or higher5,00,000 GV
LegendMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates with 3 of them being Presidential Ambassador or higher10,00,000 GV
Star LegendMaintain 4 personally recruited affiliates with all of them being Presidential Ambassador or higher20,00,000 GV
Royal LegendMaintain 5 Presidential Ambassador or higher affiliates40,00,000 GV
Crown LegendMaintain 6 Presidential Ambassador or higher affiliates60,00,000 GV

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iGenius Compensation Plan

the iGenius Compensation Plan includes 2 investment opportunities for the affiliates along with 2 types of commissions and 3 types of bonuses.

1. iGenius Commissions

There are mainly two types of commissions paid to the iGenius affiliates: Recruitment commission and Residual commission.

Recruitment Commission

iGenius affiliates are paid recruitment commission when they bring new affiliates to the company. The commission value depends on the tier joined by the new affiliate.

Selected TierCommission

Affiliates also earn a commission on tier upgrades.

Residual Commission

The residual commission is paid following a binary compensation structure.

It is paid as a percentage of fee volume from the weaker binary side depending on the rank of affiliate.

RankCommission EarnedWeekly Capping of Commission
Platinum Executive10%$150
Global Executive12.5%$250
Diamond Executive12.5%$625
Platinum Ambassador15%$2500
Diamond Ambassador17.5%$6250
Presidential Ambassador17.5%$12,500
Star Legend20%$1,05,000
Royal Legend20%$1,87,500
Crown Legend20%$2,50,000

2. iGenius Bonuses

There are mainly 6 types of bonuses paid to the iGenius Affiliates: Fast Start Bonus, Rapid Fire Bonus, Generational Match Bonus, Top-Up Bonus, X4 Bonus and X8 Bonus.

Fast Start Bonus

The active distributors receive a one-time fast start bonus on new enrollment or upgraded orders.

igenius fast start bonus
Rapid Fire Bonus

The Rapid Fire Bonus is paid like $25 on every payment of a monthly subscription of personally recruited affiliates.

Generational Match Bonus

A Matching Bonus is paid following a uni-level compensation structure.

It is paid up to five generations of Global Executive and higher ranked affiliates.

The Global Executive and Diamond Executive earn up to one generation, Ambassadors and Platinum Ambassadors earn up to two generations, Diamond Ambassadors earn up to three generations, Presidential Ambassadors earn up to four generations whereas Crowns and higher generations earn a bonus up to five generations per leg.

Top Up Bonus

If any iGenius affiliate has 4 active recruited affiliated and is still not able to earn $175 per month, the company helps them with Top Up Bonus.

If the affiliate can maintain 12 personally recruited active affiliates, he can earn $500. Here active affiliates are ones having Select or higher tier.

X4 Bonus Pool

The affiliates having Elite tier or generating 1000 PV qualify for X4 Bonus Pool.

1% of companywide membership fees is placed into the X4 Bonus Pool and the qualifying affiliates can earn a share in the pool if they generate 4000 PV over 4 week period.

X8 Bonus Pool

The qualification criteria remain the same, only 3% of companywide membership fees are placed in X8 Bonus Pool.

The affiliates can qualify for the bonus if they generate 8000 PV over 4 week period.

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iGenius Review

This was all about iGenius investment and compensation plan. But still, there are some red flags we found, which bring iGenius within doubt.

iGenius was started in 2020, but before that, it was functioning as Kuvera.

Parent company Investview was operating Wealth Generator since 2013 which got sued by CFTC in 2018.

Wealth Generator was illegally offering forex and binary options to USA retail investors, the settlement was $150000, and after that Kuvera started.

Within one year of operation, Kuvera Global stopped promised returns to investors and blamed Ethereum’s price drop for the same. It shows how vulnerable these schemes are.

And now Investview rebuilt its crap system again with the new name iGenius.

Investview is an SEC (USA) registered company and regularly makes fillings but never discloses about these fraud schemes which it publicly operates.

Should I join iGenius?

Absolutely iGenius is a fraud money circulation scheme as Investview is not transparent about it.

iGenius is promoting its token NDAU to investors and asking to hold longer. iGenius is getting real money for their shit tokens and considering past records we know it will crash soon. So holding NDAU is a dumb decision.

Another opportunity CryptoELITE is offered through EndoTech. EndoTech is a scam company and in July 2021 another fraud scheme Daisy AI has collapsed.

All these facts combined state, that fraud schemes like iGenius will reboot after every exit scam. Don’t get lured by these easy money opportunities which eventually lead to the huge financial loss of innocent or greedy people.

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9 thoughts on “iGenius Review: Legit or Another MLM Scam?”

  1. Biggest scam ever! Check this guy:


    I ask him I was interested about joining and he was all nice and trying to contact me. When I ask about Kubera and if he was a licensed broker with the SEC and the license numbers and registry for his group (OBG) he block me.

  2. Igenius is a ponzy scheme. The only people making money is the people recruiting others. No one in here is making money from investing. Even there “expert” traders arent even getting 60% of the trades right. You pay $1500 and another $175 a month. To use the bots theyll make you pay an extra $500. This is nothing but a massive ponzy scheme and itll all come down at once. Hope this saves some people some money cuz it already costed me 3k

    1. Thankyou was going to invest my savings literally have a meeting in 10 mins going to troll them into thinking I’ll join but won’t hehe

  3. Lmao igenius is only a company that offers services that you may or not be interested in but what you didn’t get to see by joining to be a hater spy was that there are many trading groups that are a part of igenius and make money daily along with teaching you the markets. My group is run by a 7 figure trader who articles and magazines have written about but you your right igenius is just a scam and I haven’t really made over 40k in the last 3 months.

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