Rooter App Honest Review: Real or Fake?

rooter review

Recently, an app named Rooter became popular for offering opportunities in the gaming industry and compensating them for their gaming stream.

Furthermore, it became widely recognized as the result of partnerships with some of India’s biggest gaming icons. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in the gaming sector in India.

In particular with respect to answering the question “Is Rooter app Legit or Fake?,” this blog post provides a full review of the Rooter app and its features.

What is Rooter?

Rooter is an Indian gaming app that allows you to stream live games and predict game results to earn money.

The company was founded by Piyush Kumar, and its headquarter is located at Community Centre, 2nd Floor, 55, East of Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110065.

Anyone can join Rooter as a viewer or live streamer from

According to the similar web, the domain currently has total visits of 600k, and the app has more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play store. Each active user spends more than 35 minutes each day using the app to watch live streams.

You can use Rooter’s “gaming” feature in their app or website to stream your gameplay live. With this function, you can stream your live gameplay while playing any multiplayer game and do discussions and commentary too.

Also, Rooter offers various ways to earn, which is discussed ahead.

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Rooter Joining Process

To sign up, all you need to do is download the Rooter app from the Google Play Store, provide your phone number during registration, and they will use send to verify your number.

App Interface

Your Rooter account will be created once you fill out the app with all the necessary information (name, email, location, etc.) after signing up.

You will receive 100 bonus coins for signing up once you have finished the entire joining process.

Rooter Product

In their application, Rooter has implemented their own coin system, which values 100 coins at one Indian rupee. In the Rooter app, you can earn coins in a variety of ways and use them to make in-game purchases in a number of multiplayer games, like Pubg and Free Fire.

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Rooter Compensation Plan

Rooter offers various ways to earn from it and that’s why it is popular among youth.

  • Daily task – In this program, Rooter gives daily tasks to the user, such as watching a game live streams for a set period of time, predicting game results, and earning Coins as a reward.
  • Offers – You need to download specific apps from the Rooter app’s “Offer” section, as mentioned in the app, and register for an account there. You will receive coins for it once you have registered.
  • 3-day check-in – For opening the app consecutively for 3 days, Rooter rewards you with a small number of coins.
  • Spin and win – Rooter also has a spin-to-win section in their app in which you can earn coins or Paytm cash by spinning a digital wheel, depending upon your luck.
  • Invite and Earn – By inviting your friends or family members using your unique referral code which is present in the app, you can earn 200 Coins.
  • Streaming – The most significant way to earn money from Rooter is by streaming your gameplay live in Rooter and monetizing your streaming. You need to have at least 50 listening hours in your profile to unlock monetization. 

Once you achieve 50 listening hours for your live sessions, you will start earning money on the basis of your viewership and engagement described in the table below.

Overall creation10 hours11-100 hours101-500 hours>500
Weekly cap2000250030004000
Pricing (Paisa per listening minute)1866

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Rooter Real or Fake?

In response to the most crucial question, Rooter appears to be a legitimate app looking at the number of play store downloads, ratings, and quantity of good reviews.

On the Play store, they consistently have ratings between 4.6 and 4.8/5.0 stars and more than 500K reviews.

Additionally, they have improved their brand recognition by signing a bunch of well-known individuals and youth icons to serve as their ambassadors and promoters, including the entire Godlike Esports squad, Yuzuvendra Chahal, and Riyan Parag.

With their most recent relationship with Skyesports, the leading esports event organizer in South Asia, they have also expanded their business in a systematic way. For example, they possessed the media rights to the biggest bouquet of live esports programming in India (8,200+ hours/year).

In order to gain the trust of their target audience, they have also welcomed some of the big names to their board as investors, including Boman Irani, Rana Daggubati, and some major venture capitalists.

In the past, it offered informative content on a variety of sports, including football and cricket. But, they made a significant business pivot, and they are now solely dedicated to promoting the space creator economy.

They have developed a community platform to unite the nation’s over 450 million gamers, who are located at the intersection of two of the biggest macro-trends in entertainment: gaming and content.

The bottom line is that it’s worthwhile to invest your time and resources in this application if you want to live stream with incentives and kickstart your gaming career.

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