Elomir Review: Legit or Yellow Tongue Strip Scam?

elomir review

In this post, we are going to share Elomir Review, a product-based MLM company dealing in Nutritional Supplement Products.

Working with the tagline “LIVE YOUR BEST” the company claims that its product works for any person’s overall well-being. We will discuss it in detail further.

We are here with this post including details such as Elomir Company Profile, Joining procedure, and MLM compensation plan followed by the answer to the question Should I Join Elomir?

Let us quickly move forward.

FounderToan and Van Nguyen
When Started2021
Head Office Melissa, Texas, United States
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsNutritional Supplements
Joining Cost$250

What Is Elomir?

Elomir is a product-based direct selling company started by Toan Nguyen (left) and Van Nguyen (right) in 2021. It is based in Melissa, Texas, United States.

elomir founders
Toan and Van Nguyen

Before starting Elomir, both of these were a part of LaCore Enterprises’ eco-system. This duo claims to have around 17 years of experience in the marketing field.

One can join Elomir as a Brand Partner (member) and start building the downline.

According to SimilarWeb statistics, major traffic to elomir.com is from the United States (89.02%), the United Kingdom (4.33%), Australia (4.21%) and Canada (2.44%).

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Joining Elomir

It is easy to join Elomir. As of now, you need to enter the referral code of the person who refers you to the company. Enrollment can be done through their online website at Elomir.com/enrollment

The Brand Partner (BP) needs to purchase an enrollment pack costing $250. The enrollment kit includes three packs of the company’s product named Axis Klarity.

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Elomir Products

As of now, the company deals only in one product named Axis Klarity.

elomir product

As per the company’s claims, this product helps to boost the mood, encourage the mind, promote gut health and support healthy joints. However, there is no medical evidence of the same.

Elomir mentioned in their site footer,

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Elomir products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are under medical supervision for any allergy, disease, taking prescription medications or if you are breastfeeding, contact your medical provider before adding any new supplements to your daily regimen. This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18.

While you can find many testimonials where people claim to feel drastic changes in their life from the very first dose.

The product price is $89 per pack and its company value is 45 CV. Elomir offers a 30-day product return/refund policy.

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Elomir Compensation Plan

As per the compensation plan, there are mainly 5 ways to earn with Elomir:

1. Retail Bonus

35% of the CV of retail sales is provided as the Retail Bonus. Example: $89, 45CV * 35% = $15.75.

Hence, for the sale of every Axis Klarity pack, the Brand Partner earns a $15.75 commission.

2. Fast Start Bonus

5-20% commission up to 4 levels is earned as the Fast Start Bonus for personal sales as well as downline sales. The commission percentage is based on the current rank of BP as follows:

RankLevel 1 (%)Level 2 (%)Level 3 (%)Level 4 (%)

3. Generational Team Bonus

RankBonus ($)

4. Rank Achievement Bonus

If BPs maintain a rank greater than or equal to Icon3 for 2 consecutive months, they stay eligible to receive Rank Achievement Bonus. The fixed Rank Achievement Bonus is as follows:

RankBonus ($)

5. 3X Bonus

Ranking up to Icon3, Icon4 or Icon5 in the same calendar month that one joins triples up the rank bonus for once.

  • Icon3 = $210
  • Icon4 = $600
  • Icon5 = $2400

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To Be Concluded

This was all about Elomir, its products and the MLM compensation plan. The compensation plan is quite simple and easy to understand.

Elomir is a newly invented company and immensely popular for its single-product MLM opportunity. But there are many questions raised on the effectiveness of their product, Yellow Tongue Strip.

Extraordinary Claims

MLM companies are always in trend for making extraordinary products and earning claims. Not limited to Elomir company, but many videos are available on the internet where individual testimonials claim to see blatant positive results from Yellow Strip.

Van Nguyen made misleading claims and promoted Axis Klarity as a treatment for mental illness. However, there are no medical supports for the same and it only runs on the story of Van regarding the healing of her PTSD diagnosis.

With no medical evidence or authorities’ approvals, it is next to impossible to trust a piece of paper that is swallowed to heal mental illness.

Axis Klarity is Medicine?

Kat Benson, a registered dietitian reveals in her YouTube video, Axis Klarity consists of Curcumin (a substance derived from turmeric), Vitamin B1 and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). Curcumin & Vitamin B1 can be easily obtained from normal meals whereas there is not enough research on NAC and under review of the FDA. So it should not be used to treat any disease.

Axis-Klarity Results

Otherside, Elomir is publishing infographics to not use medical terms while promoting products to people with actual medical complications.

It is strongly recommended to not trust any miracle health product as most promoters are only seeking commissions by selling some snake-oil product. In such cases, health professionals should be consulted before treating any medical condition.

Nasty History of Founders

Toan and Van have been a part of many companies, most of which turned out to be Ponzi or Pyramid schemes looting people.

This duo claims to be the founder of Elomir, however, it was originally started under the LaCore Enterprise owned by Terry LaCore, who has a cartel of many MLM companies.

Toan Nguyen was the leading consultant of a well-known Ponzi scheme, DeFinity FI Academy.

Toan and Van entered MLM through Legal Shield, followed by Nerium, ByDzyne and BioReigns.

Apart from MLM Ponzi schemes, Nguyens have also been promoting crypto scams such as Yield Farm BNBBusiness.

Toan used to promote the crypto companies through his YouTube channel. Even after launching Elomir, Toan is still actively supporting many of the crypto scams.

Around July, the company was in the pre-enrollment phase that allowed distributors to make purchases of enrollment packs costing $250.

However, none of the products was packed or delivered. Van blamed the technical issue as a delay reason.

Also, the company continued to take in more distributors. Here a question arises, if you are not able to deliver products, why would you intake more purchasers?

This is a red flag and can lead to an assumption regarding the company being a Pyramid scheme.  

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Is Elomir a Pyramid scheme?

Yes, after checking all the claims and details of the company, we consider it to be Pyramid Scheme.

Founders of the Elomir are not healthcare scientists or operate a medical research institute that invents miracle supplements. It is common sense, we can’t expect a revolutionary health product from people roaming to different MLM companies for money.

They just built an MLM company with Terry LaCore selling Yellow Tounge Strip on some baseless claims. There are people who can promote anything for some commissions and this led Elomir to reach sales of millions.

Overall, Elomir is a pyramid scheme, doing money circulation by selling a dummy-product ‘Axis Klarity’ and pretending to be an MLM.

Elomir is recruitment-driven and brand-partner are bounded to purchase a $250 joining pack, these small shreds of evidence are signs of a huge MLM scam.

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Should I Join Elomir?

No, we don’t suggest joining Elomir as a Brand Partner.

Already the MLM has a low success rate and Elomir is not even a legit MLM.

You might get attracted to the earning proves but none of us knows the future. Similar to other scams, this company may also collapse in upcoming times resulting in the loss of many.

Even before trying Elomir products, one should keep cautious and don’t get lured by false claims.

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