Is InCruises a Pyramid Scheme? Honest MLM Review

incruises review

This post is going to be an unbiased review of travel and hospitality-based MLM company InCruises International, a premier cruise membership club.

We are going to share an overview of InCruises including details about products and the compensation plan. At last, we are going to share our opinion on Is InCruises a Pyramid Scheme?

FoundersMichael T. Hutchison and Frank J. Codina
When Started2015
Head Office Guaynabo Puerto Rico
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsTravel and Hospitality
Joining Cost$100

About InCruises

Direct selling company, InCruises is founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Guaynabo Puerto Rico. The founders and CEOs of InCruises are Michael T. Hutchison and Frank J. Codina.


In 2020, the annual sales of InCruises were supposed to be $107 million. When this post is written this company worked with 225,810 partners and over 940,723 members.

InCruises claims to have 50+ new ships in the next 10 years and 35+ million people will cruise by 2025. Ironically they have not mentioned anywhere about the total cruises they have now.

Actually, InCruises is an intermediary service provider and operates an MLM compensation plan for gathering customers for cruise companies. Hence they had no retail products, they only allow commissions through affiliate recruitment.

Similarweb stats show that most of the traffic to is from Russia (17.63%), Ukraine (15.88%), and Peru (13.12%).

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InCruises Joining Process

To join InCruises one needs to be a Member, Partner or a Partner Member.


One can get a monthly 200 Cruise Credits by paying $100. Credits are the points that can be used for booking cruise vacations, but you can’t use all credits at once. The below chart shows usable credits from the wallet every year after buying a membership.

InCrusises Cruise Dollars

Members can purchase a membership to save money on booking cruises.


One can get access to the back office with some tools by paying an activation fee of $195 and an annual renewal fee of $95.

The tools are:

  • Personalized links and websites
  • Video training sessions
  • An embedded online meeting tool
  • Marketing tools
  • Mobile apps

Partners can join Independent Partner Program to promote and earn commissions by referring others who purchase memberships.

Partner Member

One can get access to the back office with all the tools by paying activation fees of $295.

Out of the total, $195 is for back-office tools and $100 for membership, which provides 200 credits every month.

Partner Members are the members who join as a partner and can do all that a partner can and also additionally earn a certain reward by referring such as.

  • If a Partner Member refers 5 new Members then earn a free membership and $100 in member instant pay bonus.
  • If a Partner Member refers 5 new Partner Members then earn a free membership and $350 in partner member instant pay bonus.

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InCruises Products

InCruises didn’t have physical products, it sells cruise memberships. Affiliates earn commissions by selling InCruises memberships.

incruises products

InCruises strongly claims that they make cruising more accessible, affordable, and profitable for millions of people worldwide.

On, customer reviews of InCruises membership services are 95% great and 5% poor. InCruises has 14 days return policy on their membership.

There are some bitter facts to know about InCruises, which we have share ahead.

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InCruises Affiliates Ranks

InCruises compensation plan has the following ranks.

Volume is the total amount of membership sold or renewed and members are active individuals in the downline.

(up to)
(up to)
Total USD
(up to)
Marketing Director $3,00030+$300+$300$600 monthly
Senior Marketing Director$10,000100+$1,000+$1,000$2,000 monthly
Regional Director$25,000250+$2,500+$2,500$5,000 monthly
National Director$50,000500+$5,000+$5,000$10,000 monthly
International Director$100,0001,000+$10,000+$10,000$20,000 monthly
Executive Director$250,0002,500+$25,000+$25,000$50,000 monthly
Board of Directors$550,0005,500+$55,000+$55,000
$137,500 monthly
Ambassador Board of Directors$1,000,00010,000+$55,000+$100,000
$260,000 monthly

For Instance, if someone accumulates $10,000 volume and has 120 active members in the calendar month then titled as on Senior Marketing Director rank.

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InCruises Compensation Plan

There are 5 ways to earn in the InCruises compensation plan.

  1. Daily Instant Pay Bonus
  2. Daily Residual Income
  3. Weekly Matching Bonus
  4. Monthly Leadership Bonus
  5. Monthly Global New Production Bonus (GNPB)

1. Daily Instant Pay Bonus

It is also known as the recruitment bonus in which InCruises pay affiliates to recruit new affiliates who also sign up with a cruise membership in the calendar month.

Affiliates can earn a $20 bonus on recruiting new members and earn a $50-150 bonus from recruiting partner members.

Recruited Partner MemberBonus
1st$50 Bonus
2nd$60 Bonus
3rd$70 Bonus
4th$80 Bonus
5th$90 Bonus
6th$100 Bonus
7th$110 Bonus
8th$120 Bonus
9th$130 Bonus
10th$150 Bonus

For Instance, if an affiliate recruits the 6th partner member then receive a bonus of $100 on that particular recruitment.

2. Daily Residual Income

Residual income is paid through the uni-level compensation structure.

To qualify for this income an affiliate must sell and maintain five active memberships and personally recruit at least one affiliate.


Affiliates receive $5 on each active membership monthly up to 20 levels deep downline.

3. Weekly Matching Bonus

Weekly Matching Bonus is calculated on the instant pay bonus earned by the personally enrolled partner.

Instant Pay bonus is matched when personally enrolled partners reach 5 activation points during a given week.

Points are offered as per the following task.

  • Member Activation = 1 point
  • Partner Activation = 1 point
  • Partner Member Activation = 2 points

Additionally, an affiliate needs to personally sponsor at least 1 new direct member or partner member during the qualification week.

4. Monthly Leadership Bonus

InCruises affiliates receive up to $100,000 monthly bonus based on rank maintained.

RankMonthly Bonus
Marketing Director$300
Sr. Marketing Director$1,000
Regional Director$2,500
National Director$5,000
International Director$10,000
Executive Director$25,000
Board of Directors$55,000
Ambassador Board of Directors$100,000

5. Global New Production Bonus (GNPB)

This bonus is for the ‘Board of Directors’ and ‘Ambassador Board of Directors’ rank.

InCruises affiliates receive 5% of their downline’s total new membership sales every month. It is only rewarded on membership amount and not on partner fees.

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To Be Concluded

Here we end with the InCruises compensation plan. InCruises seems a lucrative opportunity as individuals get 2 Cruise Credits on every 1 dollar paid.

But is it really worth buying InCruises membership? and Does it really offer mentioned commission?

InCruises Credit Trap

There is tricky logic behind InCruises membership. An individual has to keep paying for cruise rides, but at the time of withdrawal, one can’t withdraw all credits.

Most people will use credits in the first or second year of membership, hence only 60 to 70% of credit will be used. After every cruise ride, they have to keep paying for the membership to have enough credits for the next ride.

If you pay $100 every month and have 2000 credits after 10 months. Only 1200 credits will be usable for a $2000 cruise ride. You will need to pay $800 at the booking time. Eventually, you paid a total of $1800 and the major amount is paid advanced.

From very next month again, you will be required to pay $100, otherwise, the remaining 800 credits will waste and your membership will deactivate. InCruises offers a reactivation facility of 12 months by paying all pending instalments, or else all credits expire.

You can’t book a solo cruise cabin for your friends or relatives. For a group cabin, InCruises listed members have to be in the booking.

There are very few people, who like to spend all their vacations on cruises and InCruises have their limited cruise providers.

Overall it seems a long trap to get a cruise membership.

Booking a cruise cabin directly of your choice, anytime, anywhere at your preferred pricing is a better option instead of getting stuck in membership for a discount.

Pyramid Scheme Compensation Plan

If we look InCruises as an MLM opportunity then it is a suspicious pyramid scheme.

InCruises rely on third parties and have connections with cruise cabin providers. InCruises gets better prices, therefore it provides double credit but which can’t be used all before 5 years.

The primary commission is based on selling membership.

InCruises is charging $195 first-year partner joining fees, while most MLM companies have a free joining.

Daily Pay Instant Bonus is $20 for recruiting a member, while $50 to $150 for recruiting partner members, it reveals InCruises is doing money circulation.

It is taking partner joining fees and distributing them on recruiting partner members. It is a clear characteristic of a pyramid scheme.

InCruises is using cruise membership as dummy products, hence it seems an attractive opportunity for a lavish life. Members’ money gets stuck in cruise credit, they need to wait 5 years and pay $100 every month to use all double credits, which are not transferable and refundable (after 14 days).

Should I Join InCruises?

It’s up to you to buy InCruises membership or become a member.

Membership is not worthy, as individuals remain stuck in a cycle of credit withdrawal.

Why do you need to pay $100 every month for 5 years for some cruise trips? If you keep checking cruises prices often, there will be days with low prices. So you don’t need to get into credit traps.

Becoming its partner is also dubious. As the compensation plan is much like a pyramid scheme.

InCruises have a page of income disclosure statement but that is now redirected to their partner testimonial page, maybe they don’t wish to share it now.

We can strongly assume, that almost 95% of partners will lose their money in paying joining and membership fees. While only less than 1% are making the most profit out of all partners.

Hope this post is enough to help you to make a wise decision keeping in mind the requirement of MLM skills and remembering that most people fail in MLM.

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17 thoughts on “Is InCruises a Pyramid Scheme? Honest MLM Review”

    1. So, let’s get right. Let’s say you have $3000 in your account and can’t pay the $99 per month for whatever reason. They keep the lot?

      That seems very unfair and dodgy to me.

  1. Thanks for a great insight – it is MLM and $100 a month for membership and recruiting new people all the time to go up on the scheme .
    A big pass

    1. Dear, you don’t pay 100$ per month for the membership, you’re basically making your savings which you can use whenever you want. Also taking into consideration that your review was made on 6th of May, you might not be aware about major changes in the company starting from 1st of April. You can put your 100$ on your balance once in 3 months (in case you have financial issues) and also you can use ALL your collected (doubled) points to book a cruise with discount and leave the club in case you didn’t like it 🤷🏻‍♀️. Plus it’s really easy to make money here by simply sharing useful info with people, no need to sell anything.
      And here’s nothing common with pyramid style here btw 🙌🏻

      1. You can’t use it whenever you want, I have tried to take a trip and I was told that I only have certain amount of money to use when on their platform says I have more money than what they say. If you decide to cancel you don’t get your hard work money back.

      2. That’s not truth. You can’t use your RP money whenever you wan. I tried booking a cruise and I was told I could only used not a even on third of he money I have saved. This is just a pure scam. When I took the orientation I was told after a year I’ll be able to use 100% of the monye accumulated. Wrong, Scam don’t fall for this. Just save your money in a bank account. I here you deposit your 100 every month and them when it comes the time for your trip you can’t go. In cruises suck.

      3. This review is very biased.
        InCruises complies with the legislation in all the countries where InCruises is present. The difference of non-pyramidal business to a pyramidal is that the first is selling product, it is not physical but it is still a product. What about a travel agency who sells Hotel’s rooms or Cruises? They don’t sell anything physical either and they rely on commission from the cruise company to make their profits. Are they illegal as well? As far as your thought concern they are a pyramidal business as well because the owner of the travel agency will likely gets more money than his/hers Employees (that’s is all that pyramidal is all about in the end). Another important info, in the site they do not promote the business as easy as you presented here, they actually say it’s not easy, you have to work to get somewhere. Gets your facts right. There are people around the world that get debts to go on a cruise ship paying insane interests to banks, I think is far more clever to pay a modest fee and keep your dream up, but hey, this my biased thought…

  2. Dear Author!
    I’m appreciating to your effort in writing this article. Unfortunately I can’t find the date when it was posted, but please take into consideration that starting from April 1st 2022 some major changes happened in the company, so the info you’re providing is not accurate.
    There is no “obligations” to be club member/partner for 5 years (as you mentioned), you can leave anytime and money will remain there until you use them and many other things.
    If you’re interested in sharing accurate information on your resource kindly study company policy not to confuse people.

  3. Hello,
    My Name is David Gene
    It is my pleasure to know Incruises well established organization expose itself and globally reach out to create more partners as join ventures.
    I am looking forward to be part of this unique transformation organization.
    I ranked it to be the best in my opinion.

    1. I don’t actually think you understand you lose your money if you stop paying and can’t transfer it. It’s a cycle you must continue paying, also you can’t use your full balance on one trip, very very suspicious.

  4. As a viewer and interested individual, I took up this role as a sales representative and already doing campaign in Papua New guinea
    Through Hurren Leeanne as my mentor and coach.
    Anyway, I am still working around the clock to cheap in more to be part of incruises Team.

  5. This Incruises is a particularly vicious trap, targeting poor/uneducated people and making them dream with corporate sounding titles and a lavish lifestyle only the top of the pyramid can afford. Cruises are just the pretext for a sophisticated sunk costs trap.

      1. Completely agree with you. Please people don’t fall in to this scam. Save your hard work money elsewhere. They are using the money you deposit every month and them if you cancel you don’t get your money back either.

  6. I disagree with you. I have been with In cruises thinking is like a savings account plus the 100 dollars they put in your account. When I decided to take a cruise I was told I could only use 875.00 of $3440.00 that I already have. This is a scam. Please don’t fall in to this.

  7. In cruises is a scam. I’ve been a partner for over 2 years, when I finally decide to take a cruise they tell me I could only use a third part of the money I have accumulated. Plus they won’t refund your money if you decide to cancel the membership. They should be ashamed taking advantage of people that work really hard to pay the 100.00 a month thinking that they could go on a cruise anytime soon, and they come with this. Don’t fall in to their scam, they just want to steal your money.

  8. Now I want cancel membership with them they say you can give you back just 100 € I have paid 295 dollars somebody help me what should I do?

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