QZ Asset Management Review: Legit or Scam?

QZ Asset Management Review

This post is going to be a QZ Asset Management Review, a company that claims to provide MLM benefits with up to 3.5% returns weekly.

Here we will discuss the QZ Asset Management company profile, MLM compensation plan, as well as our personal review of QZ Asset Management.

At last, we will also share our answer to the question, Should I Join QZ Asset Management?

QZ Asset Management
CEOBlake Yeung
When Started2019
Head Office China
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsFinancial Investment
Joining Cost

What is QZ Asset Management?

QZ Asset Management is headed by its CEO Blake Yeung. This company offers MLM opportunities in the financial niche.

qz asset management ceo

There is not much data about the process of investing and earning returns. It was named Qianze Asset Management and later rebranded to QZ Asset Management in around 2021.

QZ is mainly known as the AI-based investment scheme located in China and planning to set its office in Shanghai and South Africa.

However, we will discuss in detail whether the company’s claims are legit or not.

According to SimilarWeb statistics, major traffic to qzinvest.com is from South Africa (76.11%), Nigeria (21.51%), Moldova (1.24%), and Belgium (1.14).

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Joining QZ Asset Management

Joining QZ consists of a zero membership fee but a minimum initial investment of $100 to start earning returns.

Also, there are no retailable products, instead, the investors need to sell the membership to others and bring in more investors.

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QZ Asset Management Compensation Plan

There are mainly two ways to earn with QZ Asset Management: Return on Investments and Downline Commissions.

1. Return On Investment

There are mainly two different return percentage plans prepared on the basis of the amount invested by the affiliate.

  1. QZ Basic: Requires to invest between $100 and $900 to receive a return of 1.75% per week.
  2. QZ Elite: Requires to invest $1000 or more to receive a 3.5% return per week.

However, some penalties are also applied while withdrawing money from the affiliate account. These are as below:

Withdrawal DaysPenalty
Within the first 30 days50%
Within 31 to 60 days25%
Within 61 to 90 days10%

2. Downline Commissions

There are mainly two ways to earn QZ Asset Management commission: Referral Commission and Rank Achievement Bonus.

A. Referral Commission

When affiliates add someone to the downline, they stay eligible to receive a 10% amount from the invested fund of each downline member.

B. Rank Achievement Bonus

There are mainly 5 ranks as per the QZ Asset Management compensation plan. On achieving ranks there are gifts as below:

RankRequired Total Downline EarningsBonus
Rank 1$3000$500
Vice President$6000Samsung Galaxy S22
Senior Vice President$20,000Rolex Datejust
Executive Vice President$50,000Rolex Submariner
Director$1,50,000Mercedes-Benz GLC

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QZ Asset Management Review

This was everything basic about QZ Asset Management. Still, we have much more to discuss.

Before you invest your hard-earned money in any such company, make sure to go through the review of the same.

Let us have a detailed look over a few warning points or major red flags about the company.

False Claims

As we can see in the image, QZ Asset Management claims to be in the finance industry for 10 years.

qz asset management claim

However, the company is only active since 2019. First with the name Qianze Asset Management and later rebranded as QZ Asset Management.

Even their address seems fake and QZ’s Facebook page is actually managed from Singapore.

The CEO Blake Yeung and the organization itself have very less presence on social media platforms.

Securities Fraud  

QZ Asset Management claims that it is registered with AMAC (Asset Management Association of China). AMAC is a self-regulatory association, hence their approval doesn’t matter for an international investment company.

In China, such investment companies need to be registered with China Securities Regulatory Commission which it doesn’t have.

So eventually QZ Invest is doing securities fraud, as companies are required to have approval from financial regulators of different jurisdictions for operation. Whereas, QZ Asset Management is failing to provide basic details.

QZ Asset Management has most investors from South Africa, hence they need to get approval from Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) to operate this investment program.

Money Circulation

Up to 3.5% guaranteed returns in a week is not possible in a real-world scenario, but QZ Asset Management is promising this.

QZ says their BDAI technology (Big Data and AI) generates profits for them. Then why do they need money from small investors around the world?

They can double their own money in a few months and earn profit for themselves without any risk. But the reality is far away from this. There is no AI technology or investment strategy they use to make guaranteed returns.

QZ Asset Management’s compensation plan is based on bringing more people to the company rather than generating profits from other business activities.

It can be seen that money flows by simply recycling the newly invested funds and paying the old investors as returns.


As a result, it can be said that QZ Asset Management is a money circulation Ponzi scheme that may collapse soon taking away all the hard-earned money of people.

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Should I Invest in QZ Asset Management?

We do not suggest being a part of a company that is not even legit and makes false claims regarding its existence.

For now, QZ Asset Management may pay their investors, but it is part of their strategy to make investors fool and win their trust. Later on, QZ Asset Management will lock the money of investors and disable withdrawal.

Eventually, many people will lose their hard-earned money for this guaranteed return scheme.

Such companies prove to be money circulation schemes, Hence stay away from such fraudsters.

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QZ Asset Management Review
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