Berules Review: MLM Scam by Islam Brothers?

berules review

This post is all about an unbiased review of “Be” that promotes itself with eye-catching quotes “We empower people to be confident, free, unique, connected, curious, and better.”

Here we will go through Berules compensation plan and service subscription and last our personal opinion on it, where I will answer, is Berules a pyramid scheme fraud?

So let’s start.

FounderMoyn Islam
When Started2020
Head Office Dubai, UAE
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsSubscription Plans
Joining Cost$45

What is Berules?

Be ( is an MLM company that upfronts itself as an ecosystem combining various beneficial apps such as Quest, Quantum, Mind hub, Shift, Oracle, Wow, Sense, Latent Pay, iRide and Trivia. is established in late 2020, before that it is operated as

Moyn Islam is the President and CEO of Berules, along with Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam as the co-founders.

It is supposed to be rooted similarly to Melius (another MLM company) which was headed by Islam Brothers behind the name of the founder Jeremy Prasetyo.

Melius Jeremy Prasetyo

Melius was a Forex MLM that started in 2018 and collapsed in early 2020.

Many of these services trace back to the Melius site which is now closed and no longer reachable.

Islam brothers are well known for scamming people through their money circulation schemes. One of such is OneCoin whose promoters were the Islam brothers.

OneCoin is one of the biggest crypto-MLM scams in history. It was considered a £3 Billion global fraud by

On the official website, the company claims to be working with good heads such as Marriot Vacation Club, Celebrity X Cruises, Amazon, Avis, British Airways and Carnival. However, it is not disclosed how these companies and Be are connected.

Berules provide trading signals to its affiliates under its subscriptions pack.

According to the SimilarWeb statistics, major traffic to is from Colombia (34.32%), Italy (27.10%), Costa Rica (16.54%), Uruguay (4.78%) and the Czech Republic (4.52%).

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Joining Process

According to Be’s compensation plan, the joining fee is around $45, which may vary according to different countries. None of the further information is given regarding the documents or details to be provided.

Be affiliates are known as IBI – Independent Brand Influencer.

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Be ecosystem services are similar to that present in Melius. They can be understood as follows:

be ecosystem
  • Quest: A discount portal
  • Trivia: Communication application
  • iRide: Rideshare application
  • Latent Pay: Payment cards
  • Quantum: Building business support
  • Shift: Trading app
  • Mind Hub: Educational platform
  • Wow: Live, real-time chatbot.

There are no retainable products instead, Be has subscriptions that are to be sold. Any new customer wishing to be the affiliate needs to compulsorily purchase any one of the below 3 subscription plans.

There are mainly 3 three types of subscription options as follows:


Subscription provides access to the travel discount portal, payment platform, call or chatting app, rideshare application and a business building app.

  1. Bronze: $199 starting fees and later $99 per month
  2. Silver: $499 starting fees and later $99 per month
  3. Gold: $799 starting fees and later $99 per month


This subscription gives access to the trading app, learning resources and Sense – a streaming platform.

  1. Bronze: $199 starting fees and later $149 per month
  2. Silver: $499 starting fees and later $99 per month
  3. Gold: $799 starting fees and later $99 per month


This subscription is a combination of Live and Learn. It is also available in three options:

  1. Bronze: $399 starting fees and later $149 per month
  2. Silver: $950 starting fees and later $99 per month
  3. Gold: $1499 starting fees and later $99 per month

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Compensation Plan

There are 7 types of incomes included in Be’s compensation plan.

1. Fast Start Bonus

It is a quick bonus paid for the retail sales as well as recruitment. There are two options depending on the type of subscription selected.

  • Bronze or Silver-tier affiliates will receive a 10% Fast Start Bonus on any referral buying a subscription plan.
  • Gold or Elite tier affiliates will be eligible to earn a 20% Fast Start Bonus.

2. 2 for Free

When the affiliate having an active paid subscription enrolls 2 paid customers in the same month, their renewal fee is made free for the specific month.

3. Team Weekly Bonus

Team Weekly Bonus is paid to the active affiliates who hold the minimum paid-as rank of Consultant within a 4-week commission period.

Depending on the rank of the Affiliate, the Team Weekly Bonus is fixed as shown below.

Affiliate RankWeekly Bonus Amount
Presidential Diamond$15,000
Royal Diamond$30,000
Royal Ambassador$1,50,000
Crown Ambassador$3,00,000

4. Star Rank

The Star ranked Affiliate earns the predefined residual commission when their 2 active direct customers pay the monthly renewal of subscriptions.

Star Rank Bonus = Below Ranked Based Amount – Already Paid Amount
Affiliate RankTotal Cycle Bonus
Presidential Diamond$60,000
Royal Diamond$1,20,000
Royal Ambassador$6,00,000
Crown Ambassador$1,200,000

For Example:

XYZ holds the Consultant rank and is paid a weekly commission of $125 in week 1. In week 2 again he is paid a weekly commission of $125 at Consultant Rank. In week 3 he upgrades to rank Sapphire and is paid $375 as weekly commission.

Now as a final week payment, XYZ will be paid as per the above table amount minus the already paid amount. i.e. $1500 – $125 – $125 – $375 = $875.

5. Unilevel Matching Bonus

It is paid as 10% of the Team Bonus Earnings when the below requirements are fulfilled by affiliates.

  • Consultant Rank
  • At least 2 active customers with gold or elite subscription

The Unilevel Matching Bonus is paid as 10% of Team Earnings but at the same time is capped at a certain amount based on the affiliate rank as given below.

Affiliate RankPersonal Active Customers RequiredUnilevel Matching Bonus Cap
Presidential Diamond4$8000
Royal Diamond4$10,000
Royal Ambassador4$10,000
Crown Ambassador4$10,000

6. Generation Matching Bonus

It is paid up to 4 generations and to the Affiliates having Emerald rank and above. The percentage of the amount to be paid as a bonus is predefined as given below.

GenerationEmeraldDiamondPresidential DiamondRoyal DiamondAmbassadorRoyal AmbassadorCrown Ambassador

Similar to the Unilevel Matching Bonus, the Generation Matching Bonus is also capped according to the affiliate ranks as below:

Affiliate RankGeneration Bonus Cap
Presidential Diamond$6000
Royal Diamond$8,000
Royal Ambassador$25,000
Crown Ambassador$50,000

7. Monthly Expense Plan (MEP)

It is the predefined amount paid to the Affiliates holding Diamonds or above ranks.

The amount given as MEP ranges from $1000 to $10,000 per cycle.

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To Be Concluded

Berules’ MLM business model appears simple and fascinating as it only includes purchasing subscriptions, using services and selling the same to new customers.

But things are not nice as seem and the Islam brothers are always doubted for their work. With that, there are a few facts to understand before participating in it.

Scam Records of Founders

Islam Brothers came to light when they were the active promoters of OneCoin, one of the biggest global frauds. They later moved to the business of wearable technologies such as wristwatches, and smart bands through a company named Helo. It suddenly vanished and showed no update.

In their next fraud; Melius they explained their focus on selling software for currency training which was nothing but a money circulation scheme.

After the collapse of Melius, they immediately started Befactor and Berules subsequently.

Suspicious Services

Services provided by Be include the rideshare application, payment cards, chatbot, educational platform and many such whose existence itself is in doubt.

Who holds the service companies, how the services are provided, what are the actual costs of such services and many more questions are kept unanswered by Be.

Most services provide through Be Subscription are freely available by different market leaders, then why someone will choose Be?

Maybe people who only want commissions on selling these subscriptions whose actual worth is nothing. But also not all such people succeed due to the low MLM success rate.

Just Bluff

The Be official website includes the details of the ecosystem as well as the different types of subscription plans that need to be purchased and sold further to earn a commission.

Islam Brothers have switched to multiple platforms and still, they are not able to clarify their objective.

One thing constant thing they maintained is showcasing fake lifestyles to lure maximum innocent people.

Is Be a Pyramid scheme?

Berules has no retail products to earn a commission, also the services provided are probably of no use.

Existing affiliates earn commissions by selling the subscription plans to new customers and this chain goes on and on. They lure affiliates to bring in more people to earn more, which is a huge red flag revealing Berules is a pyramid scheme.

2 for Free bonus enforce distributors to bring two new affiliates and sell useless subscriptions, this is how Be Pyramid Scheme operates.

The founders of such companies usually try to shut down and escape as soon as fair numbers of people join the company and purchase subscription plans. Islam Brothers have already earned a lot and many people going to lose their hard-earned money to such fraud.

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  1. My opinion is, that the facts are missing from this article! And what comes to the BE. Not my fault, writer doesn’t know how to use these applications, and most of it. At least i made profit. More than those costs to me

    1. If you made real profit with company I would love to chat with you. I am looking at it now and can’t seem to get a handle on what they do. please private email me at [email protected] so we can chat
      good day


    Norway has just canceled a promotion event at the convention center in Oslo. “Be” is now targeting Norway following the recent collapse of recruitment in Colombia, Guatemala and Italy. In an attempt to dodge regulatory attention, “Be” continues to spawn new domain names to operate from.
    Past and present website domains linked to Be include: (original domain) (current domain as of March 2023)

    detailed facts about these scammers:

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