Is Vida Divina a Pyramid Scheme? Honest MLM Review

vida divina review

Vida Divina is a direct selling company that markets a wide range of health and wellness products via its direct sellers.

Vida Divina promotes their company with the tagline “Live Healthy, Live Wealthy, Live Free“.

The company’s international corporate offices are located in Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ghana, Mexico, Panama and Peru. South America is the target market of Vida Divina.

Let’s check out the detailed review of Vida Divina, and understand whether Vida Divina is a pyramid scheme scam or a genuine detox tea MLM opportunity.

Vida Divina
FounderArmand Puyolt and Esther Ramos
When Started2016
Head Office Fontana, California
Opportunity TypeMLM
ProductsHealth and Wellness
Joining Cost$135

What Is Vida Divina?

Vida Divina is a Spanish term that means divine life.

In 2016, a married couple Armand Puyolt and Esther Ramos founded the MLM company, Vida Divina. Its headquarter is located in Fontana, California.

vida divina founders

Armand Puyolt is from the United States and he migrated to Mexico to make his dreams reality.

Actually, Armand Puyolt has a long experience in the MLM industry and has remained a top promoter of Total Life Changes, an American wellness MLM company.

In 2020, Vida Divina’s annual sales were estimated at $207 million, and ship its products to 53 countries around the world.

Similarweb stats show that the majority of traffic to is from Ecuador (25.60%), El Salvador (20.77%), the United States (18.76%), Peru (17.68%), and Dominican Republic (6.12%).

According to Vida Divina’s 2019 income disclosure statement, the average annual revenue for an affiliate is projected to be between $500 and $2,000.

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Joining & Investment

For joining Vida Divina individuals do not have to pay a subscription fee, they have to purchase any product package from these:

vida divina product packages

Vida Divina affiliates can sell products to customers and recruit new affiliates in their downline to earn commissions.

Affiliates need a minimum of 120 PV ($120) each month to remain active and get compensated.

Below are the different affiliate ranks to achieve in Vida Divina. Every rank has some criteria to qualify and maintain. Rank is important as commission increases with the rank.

  • Affiliate
  • Apprentice
  • Apprentice Elite
  • Supervisor
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Platinum
  • Jade
  • Sapphire
  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Double Diamond
  • Triple Diamond
  • Crown Diamond

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Vida Divina Products

Vida Divina’s product line includes health and wellness-related products such as caffeine, green tea, garcinia Cambogia, glucomannan and guarana.

Vida Divina clearly mentioned in their 2022 affiliate’s agreement that no affiliate can make misleading claims that Vida Divina products are useful in the cure, treatment, diagnosis, mitigation, or prevention of any diseases.

vida divina product image

Product pricing is not mentioned on the public website of Vida Divina. But Vida Divina is selling their products on amazon which is rare to know.

As MLM companies have distributors to market and promote products, hence also listing them on e-commerce stores increases direct competition for distributors.

Vida Divina products have decent product reviews on Amazon, but pricing is at higher ends. Vida Divina offers a 30 days return policy on their products.

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Vida Divina Compensation Plan

Vida Divina provides mainly 11 types of income to its distributors, based on personal and downline product sales.

  1. Retail Profit: Affiliates get products at a lower price, which they can sell ahead to earn retail profit.
  2. Fast Track Bonus: When personally enrolled affiliates make their initial purchases, the upline can earn up to 70% commission on that.
  3. Roll Up Fast Track Bonus: 5% to 20% commission shared to upline from 7 level deep downlines when they purchase Busines Builder Package.
  4. Presenter Bonus: Helping other affiliates to sell the Business Builder package offers a 20% commission on sales.
  5. Team Commission: Under this income, affiliates can earn up to 20% commission from sales in their downline.
  6. Accelerated Team Bonus: This bonus offers an additional 5% Team Commission, on fulfilling some criteria.
  7. Check Match Bonus: On matching of personally enrolled and 7 generation deep downlines, this bonus is rewarded as some additional percentage of Team Commission.
  8. Mercedes Benz Bonus: Qualify & maintain Jade affiliate ranks for 3 consecutive months to get bonuses to buy or lease a red Mercedes Benz.
  9. Star Coins: Reward gifts for acquiring numerous customers.
  10. Rank Advancement: Star Coin Credits are rewarded on the advancement of affiliate rank, which can be used to get free products and other business tools.
  11. Leadership Rewards: Selected affiliates can get vacation trips on qualifying.

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Hope the above explanation helped you to understand Vida Divina, now let us know some insight about it.

Is Vida Divina a Scam?

No, Vida Divina is not a scam. It is a product-based direct selling company and MLM is legal in most countries.

Vida Divina compensates its affiliates based on personal and downline sales. Vida Divina is not a money circulation – Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

But being legalized doesn’t mean, you should believe in all products and earning claims made by a company or its promoters. Keep yourself aware of extraordinary claims in MLM, as it is standard practice in it.

Common Product Range

“MLM promoters are the most health-conscious people on the planet.”

Vida Divina has a common product range that most MLM companies follow i.e. Health and Wellness Supplement.

The obvious reason is, Wellness products have a huge and flexible commission rate which helps to compensate distributors.

There is not enough viable research to verify the benefits of Vida Divina products. They are also expensive like most MLM companies, hence we will recommend examining products at your personal level and learning essential MLM skills to sell the same.

Vida Divina has received a warning from ARCSA in Ecuador. ARCSA (National Agency for Health Regulation, Control and Surveillance) did so to safeguard its people.

Should I join Vida Divina?

This decision is completely on to you. We will recommend you to analyze and use Vida Divina products personally. Analyze and compare these products with the other best-selling products and then answer are you capable to sell these products?

Moreover, you have to recruit other affiliates to build your team, therefore inspect your marketing and convincing skills.

MLM has a very low success rate, where 1% of affiliates make the most profit, whereas 90% of affiliates lose their money in buying overpriced products. Also, MLM has a bad reputation, therefore to make a decent profit from a company like Vida Divina, you have to be in the top 1% of affiliates.

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