Hypernation Review: Legit or Another Scam?

hypernation review

A new platform called Hyperation has emerged, promising to create a fully functioning economy that promotes egalitarian policies for the benefit of all people, not just a select few.

In this post, we will review Hypernation and tell you whether it Hypernation is legit or scam.

What is Hypernation?

Hypernation is a very new concept, we can also say that it is a nation built within the metaverse. It will employ a new type of economy where decisions will be jointly made by all stakeholders within the nation.

The official brand ambassador of this company is Mr. H and he is maintaining anonymity for some vital cause mentioned in the website. There is no information available about its headquarters.

Hypernation goals

According to SimilarWeb, the total number of visits on its website Hypernation.io is 260k+ with top countries reaching the USA (38%), Spain (18%), and Italy (13%). And, its domain was registered on May 2022, as per WHOIS.

Hypernation is operating in blockchain technology as its foundation and selected a UBI policy to authenticate its core tenets and use NFTs as proof of citizenship.

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Hypernation Review

We investigated the company’s claims and economic strategy and discovered several warning signs that one should consider before joining it. Let’s take a closer look:

Mr H Gimmick

The business has declared an unknown individual named Mr. H to be its official brand ambassador and has given various reasons for this. This anonymous approach needs to be carefully assessed.

Mr. H

The fundamental logic dictates that a typical and respectable business will never select an anonymous personality to represent its brand instead of a prominent personality.

Our opinion is that Mr. H is nothing more than a concept developed by its owners to stir up interest in the market and trick consumers.

Suspicious Past

The umbrella organization through which earlier Ponzi schemes were introduced to the market is called Hypertech. Additionally, numerous reports claim that it was the driving force behind the development of the concurrently released Hypernation platform and another platform called Hyperone.

Ryan Xu

Sam Lee and Ryan Xu are primarily responsible for the development of all of these prior Ponzi schemes, and we suspect that they are also involved in the launch of Hypernation.

We have already reviewed Hyperverse and Hyperfund scams in the past.

Operators are Hiding

There isn’t a single piece of information about their founders or operators on their website or anywhere else, apart from their so-called official brand ambassador.

In our opinion, the con artists Sam Lee and Ryan Xu are running this platform and deceiving individuals under the fictitious identity of Mr. H.

Its facebook page is operated from Malaysia, hence we suspect Hypernation is managed from Malaysia only.

Not Registered Anywhere

They are using metaverse to establish a new virtual nation and democracy and are enticing people to purchase NFTs to join the new nation. Metaverse is a brand-new concept, and many of you may be still unfamiliar with it.

Despite their promises to be building new nations and other things, it is crucial for a company seeking investments from the general public to be registered somewhere and be subject to local regulation.

Many such unofficial organizations fooled people with these fancy tech terms.

Lack of Transparency

After all the bogus things they mentioned on their website, they haven’t specified the structure of this platform, such as how choices will be taken with the coordination of all members.

The most crucial thing that they haven’t disclosed is the name of the team working behind this company strategy, along with other things like how it will help its users and how much it will benefit.

Ponzi Scheme Scam

Hypernation is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme. It is selling citizenship packages with its shitcoin HNT token. Also, they brought the bogus NFT collection and claimed to build an ecosystem.

Hypernation founders have already looted many people around the world in the last 5-6 years and they are not going to stop.

So beware and don’t get lured in false claims.

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Should I Join Hypernation?

No, you should not join companies of this nature that have a history full of scams. By employing odd and esoteric terms, they will dupe you into falling for their deception.

Hypernation can collapse anytime and most of the investors will lose their money.

Don’t be soo greedy to understand the dark reality of it. Share this post to prevent your known ones.

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